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2009-02-11 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (2.7)  3 ratings

What is the best joseki, invented by European?

I know only one candidate - joseki invented by Manfred Wimmer, 2p from Austria
According to his own version, his development of the so-called "Wimmer-joseki" played a role in his 2p promotion
It's interesting, but how can we call it joseki, if nobody play it? I tried to find any examples in BIgo Assistant Full, but without success.

Joseki, invented by myself became much more popular.
You can study it here:
Even my teacher vic1000, 8p tried it once in his tournament game!
I used it 100+ times on Dashn and lot of Koreans learned my move! Now there are more than 1000 examples in BIgo - mainly Dashn games!

You can see an example here. White is director Jeong, Black is "mulggongsu", 7-dan - I don't know his real name.
White got tricked in joseki and lost the game


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