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Servers | Dashn | Ilya Shikshin (roln111) vs legendary Yoo Chongsu, 7-dan

2009-02-10 Expert: Alexander Dinerchtein Rate: (4)  1 ratings

Ilya Shikshin (roln111) vs legendary Yoo Chongsu, 7-dan

In 2002 roln111 was already in best 10 in Europe
Mr. Yoo crushed him on 2 stones!
Old players may know Yoo well -
he lived in France for several years and was very active in European
tournaments around 80's. That time he was unconditionally the strongest in
Europe. Yoo also showed good results in Korean amateur tournaments - he won
few of them in early 90's

Some statistic:
roln111 had about 55% winning percentage on Dashn in 2001-2002 as 6 or 7-dan
siyoo  was on 60-40 as 7-dan


2009-03-14 05:03
I am wrong. Siyoo is not Yoo Chongsu. He is Yoo Songil, 7-dan.

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