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2011-11-18 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : The winners of groups 13 - 24

          When the time comes for a big Tygem tournament, I am happy to see some beautiful accounts reactivated.    
          Talking about the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup, we have already seen "Marriag(P)" in action, during the qualifying stage of the elite group (otherwise, he has not been present too often lately). Now, within the qualifications of the groups 13 - 24, "wulu123" reappeared. He was one of my favorite players in the last King of Kings tournament, where he had some magic moments. I was ready to post the game that gave him the first place in group 17, if I had not discovered another great player about whom I have not written anything yet.
          It's about "ty619". He is a pro (with a  P in his Chinese handle), therefore he started immediately as a 9D, on 28.08.2010. So his overall score, 67 - 19, is even more remarkable, as it is not swollen by games against opponents weaker than 9D. Just look how  he kept under permanent control a very complicated game and beat "upset1", a tough opponent actually (also an accredited pro, as he has a P in his Korean handle) . In a previous round, "ty619" eliminated another strong candidate of winning the group 24, "silent(P)" from China.

                                "ty619" 9D (China) : 67 - 19 (36443 p)
                                10 - 0  last games

                                "upset1" 9D (Korea) : 45 - 48 (34588 p)

          Qualification groups (13 - 24) winners

      Group 13.  "flash(P)" (China)  -  "Sodam(P)" (Korea)  by resignation
      Group 14.  "wjx(P)" (China)  -   "TheWind(P)" (China)  by resignation
      Group 15.  "yonggan" (China)  -  "lxlx" (China)  by resignation
      Group 16.  "FANTASY(P)" (China)  -  "hjhzzang" (Korea) by resignation
      Group 17.  "wulu123" (China)  -  "yzdhf" (China)  by resignation
      Group 18.  "4k_grubby"  -  "acb123" (Korea) by resignation
      Group 19.  "fangchun" (China)  -  "GGGGGank" (China)  by resignation
      Group 20.  "qnfaud" (Korea)  -  "timing(P)" (Korea)  by resignation
      Group 21.  "LCM(P)" (China)  -  "kanyuety" (China)  by 7,5 p
      Group 22.  "FenNu(P)" (China)  -  "Providence" (Korea) by resignation
      Group 23.  "gleaming" (Korea)  -  "qdachaoren" (China)  by resignation.
      Group 24.  "ty619" (China)  -  "upset1" (Korea)  by resignation


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