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2011-11-25 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : "Marriag(P)" is out!

          "Marriag(P)" and "allKO(P)" reentered the tournament faster than I expected.
          The competition went from the stage of last 64 (there were 4 groups of 12 players each + one separate group which included "Marriag(P)") to the stage of last 32 (as today there are only 26 players left). In fact,  this must be the stage of last 16, because the eliminatory games from the 4 groups  are not finished yet.
          I cannot predict how the table of last 8 will look like, because something is still missing. Among other new names, who did  not have to go through the qualification forks, I mention "HanSHoon" (Korea, 5P) and "jiangwj" (China, 5P), two professionals who play under their real names. They both have won their first games, as you can see from the results below.
          If "allKO(P)" passed over "sagggg" and waits to meet "hope(P)" in the next game of group 2, "Marriag(P)" suffered a shocking defeat to "FANTASY(P)" from China. Someone needs a lot of fantasy to beat the famous "Marriag(P)". That is exactly what happened. It was a great day for "FANTASY(P)" and the audience watched a fascinating performance, spiced up with moves like 49 at R9, 77 at G3, 81 at M2, 109 at L3 or 173 at J15 !
         After black made an extraordinary  invasion at the bottom, white put all his hopes in a KO that started with 128 at T7. The paradox is that the Korean won that battle (the KO), but  lost the war (the game). What a wonderful game!

                              "FANTASY(P)" 9D (China) : 270 - 191 (35978 p)

                              "Marriag(P)" 9D (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea) : 454 - 222 (37109 p)

              Group 1 (first player won)

      "Howgee" (Korea) -  "24271529" (Taiwan)
      "fywz111" (China) -  "kmomo(P)" (Korea)
      "Light(P)" (China) -  "lwd111" (Korea)
      "ty619" (China) -  "Nice7" (Korea)
      "quesques" (Korea)  -  "tmch" (China) ("quesques" made another victim, after he beat "xg(P)" in qualifications)
      "gleaming" (Korea)  -  "Strive(P)" (China)

              Group 2

      "FenNu(P)" (China) -  "chaos(P)" (Korea)
      "4Kgrubby1"  (Korea)  -  "LCM(P)" (China) (funny, the replica "4Kgrubby1" won, while the original "4k_grubby" lost)
      "allKO(P)" (China)  -  "sagggg" (Korea)
      "hope(P)" (China) -  "gojjgo"  (Taiwan)
      "wulu123" (China) -  "gkwls" (Korea) ( the fantastic rating of 41351 p of "gkwls" (Lee Jaeung, 6P) didn't impress "wulu123")
      "Orient(P)" (Korea)  -  "4k_grubby" (China)

              Group 3

      "HanSHoon" 5P (Korea)  -  "guest727" (Japan)
      "zfwd(P)" (China)  -  "0101234567" (Korea)
      "Lurk(P)" (China)  -  "qnfaud" (Korea)
      "LianX(P)" (China)  -  "showmethe" (Korea)  (!) (is Choi Cheolhan out too?)
      "kongm(P)" (China) -  "sedrain" (China)
      "wjx(P)" (China) -  "safflower" (China)

             Group 4

      "jiangwj" 5P (China)  -  "kkttddww" (Korea)
      "CrazyAga" (Korea)  -  "yiruhao"  (China)  (end of the road for "yiruhao" after 19 consecutive wins)
      "kingater"  (Korea) -  "flash(P)" (China)
      "fangchun" (China)  -  "twpgscs2"  (Taiwan)
      "nanako"  (Japan) -  "yonggan" (China)
      "daxiang"  (China) -  "flydragon" (China)

              Special group

      "FANTASY(P)" (China) -  "Marriag(P)" (Korea)
      "ThrillLove"  (Korea) -  "oldmemory"  (China) ("ThrillLove" or "Crystal(P)" from his Korean handle won dramatically by 0,5 p!)


2011-12-18 04:12
Thanks for the tip. I had my doubts too.

2011-12-03 05:12
i don't think that "showmethe" is Choi Cheolhan, because showmethe is connected right now and watching games, while Choi Cheolhan is playing with Liu Xi 3p for the chinese league
5d 2011-11-30 04:11
The reading at move 49 is incredible...

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