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2011-11-11 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

The 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup : The winners of groups 1-12

         The winners of the first 12 qualification groups of the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup were decided today.
         In my mind, at least 3 players were untouchable at this stage and they were supposed to win their groups without any problems :
         1.  "rrx" (Wang Lei, 8P, China)  -  a well known experienced Tygem star.
         2.  "xg(P)" (China) - he played brilliantly in the King of Kings, won his group and was eliminated only in the final stages by "zhoury" ( Zhou Ruiyang).
         3.  "Eason(P)" (China) -  a mysterious new pro who seems to have made his account specifically for this tournament, with a good score (15 - 3 before the group final game).
         Well, I was wrong. "rrx" didn't even reach the final game of the group and made me waste all T-points, as I bet "all in" on him. He was defeated unexpectedly by "Last2012", from Korea, in the previous round, after a terrible overplay in the middle game.
         "xg(P)" lost to a Korean  whom I had not noticed before, but could be a new star : "quesques". I think he is a young player in big progress, as confirmed by the last series of 11 consecutive wins. The way he beat "xg(P)" was impressive.
         However, today, the most brilliant player was "yiruhao", from China. He made a game of anthology against "Eason(P)", who is a classic type of strategist, used to win by sometimes small, but reliable margins. Only that the familiar decor has changed this time. Now he had to fight in a jungle. A beautiful game. Long and complicated, but just beautiful.
         "yiruhao" made his account on December 2005, as 5D (I was surprised that I had not discovered him before). He started with a 37 - 0 score and reached the 9D level, after 52 - 3, on February 2006. Currently, he has a series of 17 consecutive wins (!), with the last defeat to "allKO(P)".

         Qualification groups (1 - 12) winners

         Group 1.  "sagggg" (Korea) - "aisdir" (Korea)  by resignation
         Group 2.  "quesques" (Korea) - "xg(P)" (China)  by resignation
         Group 3.  "hope(P)" (China) - "xg7821" (China)  by resignation
         Group 4.  "sedrain" (Korea)  -  "Oceanos" (Korea)  by 2,5 p
         Group 5.  "twpgscs2" (Korea"  -  "mvp(P)" (Japan)  by resignation
         Group 6.  "Howgee" 8D(!) (Korea)  -  "skyhand1" (China)  by resignation
         Group 7.  "ThrillLove" (Korea)  -  "marshmalo" (Korea)  by resignation
         Group 8.  "daxiang" (China)  -  "Livestoo94" (Korea)  by resignation
         Group 9.  "fywz111" (China)  -  "orangenamu" (Korea)  by resignation
         Group 10.  "yiruhao" (China)  -  "Eason(P)" (China)  by 5,5 p
         Group 11.  "LianX(P)" (China)  -  "Last2012" (Korea) by resignation
         Group 12. "Light(P)" (China)  -  "AeiTa(P)" (Korea)  by 6,5 p.

         The qualifications in groups 13 - 24 begin on 15.11.2011
         There is also a mysterious group 25 and it might be that elite group with "Marriag(P)" as winner and "allKO(P)" runner up.

                                 "yiruhao" 9D (China) : 282 - 101 (37978 p)
                                 17 - 0  last games

                                 "Eason(P)" (China) : 15 - 4 (35980 p)


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