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2011-10-30 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

"Marriag(P)" wins the third game and the match

         Now, that the match is over, we have to wait and see if the stake was the direct qualification to the quarterfinals of the 9th Tong Yang Life Insurance Cup or not.
         It seems that the one who opens the score has not enough luck to win the match. It's exactly what happened to "idontca1" in the final of Kings of Kings against "gjopok". Somehow, by human nature, the loser of the first game was better mobilized thereafter.
        This last game was as tense as before and it was decided by a KO again. "Marriag(P)" started the KO with 110 at L7. At that moment the KO appeared to be a very innocent one, something like a routine middle game technique. A few moves later it became clear that the KO was extremely important. After "allKO(P)" made a somewhat vague kodate, with 133 at M16,  white finished the KO immediately and the following moves went on a one-way street. From bad, the whole story came to worse for the Chinese player, to the final disaster when he lost a large group.
        'Who is the KO master now?', "Marriag(P)" might ask.  Anyhow, it was a wonderful match.

                                "Marriag(P)" 9D (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea) : 427 - 199 (37318 p)
                                13 - 3 last games

                               "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P, China) : 520 - 218 (37910 p)
                                10 - 3 last games


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