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2011-10-29 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

"Marriag(P)" equals the score after a fierce fight

             I was aware there might be a 2 out of 3 match between "allKO(P)" and "Marriag(P)". Yes, the match is not over yet, as the Korean player leveled the score after the second meeting.
             As "zeus" pointed out in a recent comment, let's try to ignore the frustration of being poor informed and just take the good side of the story. It means that we can watch more beautiful live games  and they remain written as a proof of what "allKO(P)" and "Marriag(P)" have to offer to the Go world. Do I have to say it again? It's  a fantastic match.
             After the first game, they both have used their time for some training against other players and both have won everything. "Marriag(P)" defeated "WuYU(P)"  with 2-0, while "allKO(P)" defeated 3 different players (with the Korean "CrazyAga" being the best of them).
             The second game is another pearl and I wonder how such a crazy complicated fight  can end up with such a small margin. An almost identical scenario (with the first game) was repeated until a certain moment. It seemed that "Marriag(P)" was left behind in territory, so there was no more chance left but to kill a black group. The problem was that, at first glance, all black groups appeared to be safe. It may have been the reason why "allKO(P)" made some quiet moves, in order to consolidate his presumed advantage.
             My vague feeling afterwards was that one of these quiet moves was an overplay. If not, this game is really a masterpiece from white's point of view. Out of the blue, "Marriag(P)" started a furious attack against what appeared to be a settled group with 2 eyes (with 138 at F2 and the eye stealing move 140 at G4!). It turned out that the black group was not settled. The fate of the game was again decided by a KO, but no magic wand could help the KO master this time. As I already said, a surprising closely result after such a big capture.
           "Marriag(P)" was at his best and this beautiful game proves to us once again why is he so famous on Tygem.

                               "Marriag(P)" 9D (Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea) : 423 - 199 (37293 p)

                               "allKO(P)" 9D (Chen Yaoye, 9P, China) : 517 - 216 (37906 p)


2011-11-02 08:11
Was is necessary to defend at R13 (Black 131)?
I was surprised that W won this game. Fuseki was so bad for him ...

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