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2011-09-02 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (3.7)  3 ratings

'Fallin' 9D vs. 'anapple86' 9D

Here is an interesting game played just a few minutes ago by 'anapple86' 9D and 'Fallin' 9D (from Japan).

W8 is not new anymore, but Black's answer (G4) is rare. Here it was a good idea for Black (see variation for W14). White didn't follow his opponent's plan, so a new variation was played. Anyway, Black was happy to get the corner and some influence over the center.

The fight that followed was very complicated and it lasted till yose. It was very exciting to watch! (Black eventually won by 1,5 points).


Sorry if the rest of this article is too personal, but it is my first time on Tygem so I would like to give my opinion about the server.

The first thing to note is the interface: it is very nice! The graphics are quite pleasant.

 Another plus for Tygem is that there are always many top players playing there; there is no shortage of exciting games to observe!

I am a bit confused about the ratings. I played a few games on Tygem and I am pretty sure that the 5d players there are much weaker than 5-dans on KGS. However, the same is not true of high-dans: it seems that Tygem 8-9d play at pro level.

In the end, I think that KGS is better for those who like to chat (like me), and to use its teaching tools. But it is possible that Tygem is better to play and watch games.


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