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2011-09-02 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

"abaj" has bad memories from King of Kings, but life goes on

           "abaj" is one of the players with the most beautiful attacking style on Tygem. He usually creates a kind of living shapes, whose geometry is governed by special rules of war. You will never get bored, when you watch him in action. Unfortunately, he does not play too often, maybe because he has another account or a busy schedule in official competitions.
           You can read more about how I discovered "abaj": here
           Of course, such an aggressive style involves high risks and sometimes he must pay a price. Nobody is perfect and he had to pay such a price, at the King of Kings tournament, in the most painful way. He was assigned, as one of the favorites,  in the preliminary group no.12, where he met "kanyuety" 9D, also from China. When "abaj" was ready to kill a group in the corner, he overlooked one simple intermediary move, then all his work came in ruins. He nevertheless continued to play until the bitter end , an implausible win by 25,5 points for "kanyuety". That was one of the surprises of the first round. Just for the record, "kanyuety" lost the very next day to "GODGOOD1" from Korea.
           But life goes on and the wounds should heal. The best cure is to play and win. That is exactly what "abaj" did. He won all the games  after that black day. Today he played twice, one game more exciting than the other, so it was hard for me to choose which one to post. In the end, not for a particular reason or because it has more moves and you can savor more, I decided for the longer one against "sjs0317" from Korea. The other wonderful game, a faster big kill, was against "karasi306" from Japan, in just 116 moves.

                                          "abaj" 9D, China : 216 - 94 (37090 p)
                                           10 - 0  last games

                                           "sjs0317"  9D, Korea : 155 - 95 (35653 p)


2011-09-03 08:09
Hi again,

is there a way to save games from another player? Doubleclicking on a game in the games list opens it in a small window but the save and print buttons there do not work for me. Any suggestions? Is there an archieve similar to KGS?
What is the fastest way to convert many .gib files to .sgf?

Thank you very much in advance!
2011-09-03 08:09
Hi, concerning the betting gods on this page

Can someone please translate the first 5-10 usernames into the western alphabet so that I am able to add these players as friends on Tygem?
Thank you very much in advance!

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