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2011-08-28 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

Mimetic desire

            The comments on the last post published by "breakfast" made me interested about the subject of the names that try to mimic other names. It's a topic with two sides. For some may be annoying, while others may find it funny. What shocked me a bit is the magnitude of this phenomenon. Almost none of the famous Tygem players  escaped without being copied.
            I read somewhere about the theory of mimetic desire. They say that our desire for a certain thing is always provoked by the desire of another person - the model - for the same thing. In our case, it is about the desire of some GO lovers to have names similar to the players they admire.
           The targets are, of course, the top players. In my opinion, when the mime has the same rank, it's like a joke. When the mime is very weak, it's about admiration. When the mime is an average dan player, it's both joke and admiration.
            And now let's name some members of the "mimic fan (fun) clubs" that I  found.

       "3586" 9D (Kobayashi Koichi, 9P) : 3587 (9D), 3588 (7D), 3589 (2D), 3590 (6D), 3591 (14k)
                                                     3585 (8k), 3584 (3D), 3583 (1D), 3582 (12k), 3581 (18k), 3580 (1k),
                                                     3579 (3D), 3578 (3D),  3577 (5D), 3576 (5D), 3575 (18k), 3574 (3D), 3573 (1D)
                                                     Wow!! What agglomeration here!  All tickets at the front lines were sold out!

       "rrx" 9D (Wang Lei, 6P) : rrx1 (1D), rrx2 (18k), rrx3 (18k), rrx4 (18k), rrx5 (18k), rrx6 (18k), rrx7 (18k),
                                                 rrx8 (2D),  rrx9 (18k), rrx10 (18k), rrx11 (3D)

       "930115" 9D (Tang Weixing, 3P) : 930116 (5D), 930117 (15k), 930118 (3D), 930119 (1D), 930120 (18k)

       "boss(P)" 9D : boss1 (10k), boss2 (10k), boss3 (10k), boss4 (4k), boss6 (3D), boss7 (18k), boss8 (12k),
                                boss007 (18k)

       "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P) : idontcal (9k), idontcal1 (18k), idontcal2 (18k), idontca2 (5D),
                                                          idontca3 (18k), idontca007 (3D), idontcar (4D), idontcai (9k), idontca1 (3D KGS)

       "ioiwin(P)/swing(P)" 9D (Lee Changho, 9P) : ioiwln (14k), swing1 (1D), swing2 (1D)

       "charisma24" 9D (Cho Hanseung, 9P) : charisma25 (5D)

       "4k_grubby" 9D (Liu Xi, 3P) : 4k_gulby (4k) replaced 4k_gulby (9D) who was removed.

       "Mozart_W_A" 9D : W_A_Mozart (7D) it could be the same player.
                                            They both have fantastic results, 90 - 4 and 39 - 0.

       "mijiaer" 9D (Hu Yaoyu, 8P) : mijiaer1 (3D), mijiaer2 (3D)

       "daxiang" (Wang Haoyang, 6P) : daxiang2 (5k), daxiang3 (5D), daxiang4 (3D), daxiang5 (3D), daxiang6 (3D)

       "attractive" 9D (Kim Seong Ryong, 9P) account removed : "attractive" 3D

       "spiderman1" 9D account removed : spiderman1 (5D)

       "tmch" 9D : tmch1 (2D), tmch2 (3D), tmch3 (1D), tmch4 (2D)

       "gaofeng(P)" 9D : gaofeng1 (3D)

       "ddcg" 9D : ddcg1 (3D), ddcg2 (1D)

       "meijinn67" 9D : meijin67 (9D), meijin1 (3D)

       "gkwls" 9D (Lee Jaeung, 6P) : gkwls1 (9k)

       "lxlx" 9D : lxlx1 (17k), lxlx2 (5D)

       "sxkr" 9D . sxkr1 (4D)

       "chaos(P)" 9D (Won Seongjin, 9P) : chaos1 (14k), chaos2 (9D), chaos3 (4D)

       Because the idea of writing this article came to me after reading the comments about the fake idontca1(3D KGS), let's see what the real "idontca1" (Tygem 9D) is doing after the big succes in Fujitsu Cup. He just won six games in a row, including this wonderful and crazy fight against "Strive(P)", ended with the killing of a big white group. "Strive(P)" tried everything to save that group, but sometimes everything is not enough against "the loner who does not care".

                 "idontca1" 9D (Park Junghwan, 9P) Korea : 203 - 79 (37095 p)
                 6 - 0  last games. 2 - 0 vs. "Strive(P)" and "allKO(P)"  1 - 0 vs."heibeil" and "ddcg"

                 "Strive(P)" 9D, China : 1773 - 1002 (38393 p)
                 17 - 6  last games (including wins at "Marriag(P)", "kobra", "showmethe", "IamVVIP")


2011-10-12 03:10
Yeah, sure, 930115 - gkwls - idontca1 and most of them are common names that can be chose without knowing there is a 9d with that name on the same Go server.

What I really wonder is why you took my name and removed the 1 at the end of it. Really a common name I have, uh ...
2011-08-31 11:08
Yep, all common, nothing special, that people would want anyway, like my name.
I chose it from many other common names and hope no one will suspect me of imitation.
2011-08-30 10:08
Some of those names are also really common names that people would want anyway...

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