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2011-06-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

King of Kings (last 32) : "FanTuan(P)" vs. "lengyuye"

         Another big surprise - "kobra" is out - and another bad day for Korea : 0 - 2 against China. The program has changed a bit, so today they have played only 3 games, instead of 4.
         If someone would have asked me in which of these 3 games to bet all the money with the lowest risk, I would have said : Bet on "kobra" (38377 p), because he is supposed to be a 9P and he has over 3000 rating points more than "kongm(P)" (35297 p). Good that nobody asked me, otherwise now I should have hide myself in a forest somewhere, not to be found. But wait... why would I have given such a bad advice ?  "kongm(P)" is a recidivist, the same player who beat "ioiwin(P)" (Lee Changho, 9P)  a few days ago, when the difference in  rating points was even greater (almost 5000 points (!)) :
         "xg(P)" played brilliantly again and eliminated the next Korean, "Dcember(P)". The moment when "Dcember(P)" resigned was somehow unexpected. He had 3 corners and a lot of points and the funny thing is that the "estimate" said that he was about 60 points ahead ! The estimation score on Tygem is probably the most accurate from all servers, but this time it was totally disturbed.
          The third game was between two Chinese. It seems that's the only way in which one Chinese player can be out of the tournament. I decided to post this game for 2 reasons. The first, it was a fierce battle ended with a killing of a large group. The second, "FanTuan(P)" is a new face on Tygem, with no game posted till now. I have a friend who told me he is a fan "Fan" and now I understand why.
           There are some changes in the program ( I think it has something to do with the interference of other pro tournaments), so I write it again.

                                             "FanTuan(P)" 9D, China : 24 - 7 (35098 p)
                                             8 - 0 last games

                                             "lengyuye" 9D, China : 1 - 2 (34770 p)

                June 17 (results)

    "kongm(P)" (China) - "kobra" (Korea)
    "xg(P)" (China) - "Dcember(P)" (Korea)
    "FanTuan(P)" (China) - "lengyuye" (China) all by resignation

                 June 18

    "allKO(P)" (china) - "wubianqy" (China)
    "god2" (Korea) - "lxlx" (China)

                June 20

    "Strive(P)" (China) - "gaoshan" (China)
    "gaofeng(P)" (Korea) - "Iamcoming" (China)
    "tmch" (China) - "wldop" (Korea)
    "IamVVIP" (Korea) - "whitetee" (China)
    "kingater" (Korea) - "wulu123" (China)
                June 21

    "YHPak" (Korea) - "LingS(P)" (China)
    "sxkr" (China) - "810214" (Korea)


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