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2011-06-16 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

King of Kings (last 32) : "silent(P)" vs. "Nice7"

          It's going to be tough for the Korean players : 3 - 1 for China today. The only Korean survivor was "gjopok", but what a player(!),  as he is supposed to be Cho Hunhyun, 9P, who won against "ShuiYX(P)".
         The game between "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang) and "parang(P)" reminded me about another great Korean player : Cho Chikun. Sometimes Cho Chikun played the openings in a very placid way, exasperating his opponents. Then, in the second part, he started to play brilliantly, usually turning the fate of the games in his favor. That's exactly what happened in that game (except the final result). "parang(P)" seemed to me to be a very experienced pro, who calmly and confidently approached the opening. At one point his attitude has changed and he made a nice invasion at the top, intended to turn the table. It was not going to be this time, because Zhou was too good.
    "rrx" (Wang Lei, 8P) won against "dark(P)" after a wonderful tactical fight, but the most exciting game of the day was  "silent(P)" - "Nice7".  It was a real thriller : who kills whom and who kills more ?  The fuse that lit the flame was W72 at R7. Then it was all crazy  and black killed more. Curiously, this wild game was the only one played until the end, while the other 3 were finished  by resignation.
    "silent(P)" looks like another account created specially for this event and he lost only 2 games so far. So we keep an eye on him.
    "Nice7" is a controversial figure on Tygem, a professional, with a (P) in the Korean handle. If you look at his rating, he might be misjudged, but this whimsical player defeated almost all Tygem stars. The mystery is that he lost quite often to weaker opponents.

                                              "silent(P)" 9D, China : 14 - 2 (35992 p)
                                              9 - 0 last games

                                              "Nice7" 9D, Korea : 1234 - 1299 (34379 p)

                    June 16 (results)

       "gjopok" (Korea) - "ShuiYX(P)" by resignation
       "silent(P)" (China) - "Nice7" 9D, (Korea, P) by 12,5 p
       "zhoury" (Zhou Ruiyang, 5P) (China) - "parang(P)" (Korea) by resignation
       "rrx" (China) - "dark(P)" (Korea) by resignation

                    June 17

       "kobra" (Korea) - "kongm(P)" (China)
       "lengyuye" (China) - "FanTuan(P)" (China)
       "allKO(P)" (China) - "wubianqy" (China)
       "Dcember(P)" (Korea) - "xg(P)" (China)


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