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2011-06-18 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

King of Kings (last 32) : "lxlx" vs. "god2"

           What if god plays a GO game against another god or against himself (if we suppose there is only one god )? There is no draw in GO, so that god has to lose. But god can never lose. How to solve this contradiction ? The only solution is to create a Tygem account that copy the name of god and go back to our imperfect world. "god1" already existed, as 6D, so that somebody created a better replica, "god2", 9D.
          Today  only one  game was played, since the program has suffered  changes again. "god2" lost to "lxlx", so Korea has received another blow. At one moment, the events were developed too fast and I had not enough time to figure out exactly what went wrong for the Korean player. I am still under the impression that he committed suicide, as he accepted a very risky fight, when the position appeared to be with chances on both sides. Why did he do it ? Only god knows...
          I think that B 121 at F12 (!) decided the fate of the game and W 122 at Q13  was a sort of nervous reaction, when the Korean player realized that he will lose.
          The last games of this round will be played on Monday and Tuesday.

                                                     "lxlx" 9D, China : 1204 - 852 (37236 p)

                                                     "god2" 9D, Korea : 875 - 1029 (37501 p)

                     June 20

        "allKO(P)" (China) - "wubianqy" (China)
        "Strive(P)" (China) - "gaoshan" (China)
        "gaofeng(P)" (Korea) - "Iamcoming" (China)
        "tmch" (China) - "wldop" (Korea)
        "IamVVIP" (Korea) - "whitetee" (China)
        "kingater" (Korea) - "wulu123" (China)

                    June 21

        "YHPak" (Korea) - "LingS(P)" (China)
        "sxkr" (China) - "810214" (Korea)


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