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2011-06-07 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

King of Kings (R5) : "whitetee" vs. "KOREABA(P)"

            It's frustrating that we find no more information about King of Kings on English Tygem. They say they have not enough people at their English department. So I try to share some information from other sources and to decipher, at the same time, the pairing key. We entered the so called stage of last 64, but there are only 58 players. My guess is that 3 more new players will join the next round to complete  the last 32.
         "qazqaz" made a funny joke, yesterday in his comment, as we see some new players coming randomly to this round. I found something about this matter and how hard some of them had to work to be here. From the Chinese server, they selected 3 players, "Strive(P)", "tmch" and "lxlx", who have achieved the most points in February, March and April. Big and long  fight for big money !
           How hard is to qualify like this from the Chinese server ? It's a fantastic competition there. Take a look at the games of today : 5 out of 6 won by Chinese players !
           It was a debate in the past about some famous players who entered the tournament under their real names. Why did they do that ? The general opinion was that playing under your real name against an anonymous opponent is unfavorable. What we didn't know is that there is a rule ( I love this rule) to nominate 2 top professionals from Korea and China who will play under their real names, in order the make the competition even more attractive. This year they are "YHPak" ( Park Yeonghun, 9P, Korea) and "zhoury" ( Zhou Rui Yang, the number one player in China at this moment ). We'll see Park in action, on June 9, against "friday2010", from Taiwan, and probably Zhou in the next round (last 32).  Great !
         They made a small change in the program today. "WuYu(P)" - "wldop" was postponed for June 9 and replaced by the game "tmch" - "24721529".  4 games changed their dates, probably at request, so I rewrite the new schedule :

                         June 7 (results)
            "rrx" (China) - "CCR2010" (Korea) by resignation
            "whitetee" (China) - "KOREABA(P)" (Korea) by resignation
            "lengyuye" (China) - "HIPERACE" (Korea)  by 1,5 p
            "Dcember(P)" (Korea) - "6262179" (China) by resignation
            "Iamcoming" (China) - "mvp(P)" (Japan) by resignation
            "tmch" (China) - "24721529" (Taiwan) by resignation

                        June 8
            "kobra" (Korea) - "piao(P)" (China)
            "gjopok" (Korea) - "xiaohuasm" (China)
            "silent(P)" (China) - "ThrillLove" (Korea)
            "4k_grubby" (China) - "kongm(P)" (China)
            "AllKill(P)" (Korea) - "FanTuan(P)" (China)

                       June 9
            "YHPak" (Korea) - "friday2010" (Taiwan)
            "heibeil" (China) - "IamVVIP" (Korea)
            "ShuYX(P)" (China)  - "zzajang" (Korea)
            "Strive(P)" (China)  - "unorino" (Japan)
            "allKO(P)" (China) - "enjoyP" (Taiwan)
            "WuYu(P)" (China) - "wldop" (Korea)

                        June 10
            "yumekaze" (Japan) - "wjdnfndldi" (China, 14 k ??) - The mystery is solved : "zhoury" ( Zhou Rui Yang ) is seeded here !!
            "gaoshan" (China) - "Anycall11" (Korea)
            "wubianqy" (China) - "kmomo(P)" (Korea)
            "Kyo(P)" (Korea) - "wulu123" (China)
            "lxlx" (China) - "Demon(P)" (China)
            "parang(P)" (Korea) - "oldmemory" (China)
                        June 11
            "ChenMO(P)" (China) - "kingater" (Korea)
            "qnfaud" (Korea) - "sxkr" (China)
            "810214" (Korea) - "zwfd(P)" (China)
            "xg(P)" (China) - "yatasty" (Korea)
            "ywl(P)" (China) - "dark(P)" (Korea)
            "LingS(P)" (China) - "MOmo(P)" (China)

     I chose to post the most exciting game of the round, where "whitetee" killed a big black group in the center of the board.
     Tomorrow the main attraction is "kobra" vs. "piao(P)",  but you might also like to see "gjopok" (supposed to be Cho Hunhyun, 9P,) in action against "xiaohuasm".

                                    "whitetee" 9D, China : 66 - 36 (35678 p)
                                    eliminated "wonoguli" (China) in round 3
                                    5 - 0 last games

                                    "KOREABA(P)" 9D, Korea : 875 - 835 (35649 p)




( PT ) 2011-06-08 02:06
After br19 and wP19, it seems that both groups have 5 liberties and black plays first. The problem is that black has to lose additional moves (either from right or left side) to get closer to white stones.
2k ( DE ) 2011-06-08 12:06
One question though, maybe i'm wrong but wasn't b ahead in the capturing race?
4d 2011-06-07 08:06
l14 such a cool move in this game :-)

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