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2011-06-05 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

King of Kings : Next round on June 7

         The King of Kings resumes next week and is becoming more and more exciting. 31 new competitors will join the 27 players who had to fight for a place up to this stage (12 players qualified from preliminaries and another 15  from the groups).
        Among the newcomers we find some heavy Korean names, such as :"YHPak" , "gjopok" , "yatasty", "kobra"  or "kingater". 
       "YHPak" is Park Yeonghun, 9 P. He won the 2009 edition as "Marriag(P)", but this time he is playing under his real name. As statistics shows, from other tournaments of this kind in the past, it is always very difficult for anybody to play under his real name. Will Park overcome this theoretical disadvantage and add a new trophy to his panoply?
        You can read an interview with "Marriag(P)", after he won the tournament 2 years ago, at :
          "gjopok" is supposed to be the great Cho Hunhyun, 9 P.  It was a rumor in the past that Cho could also have another account, "dark(P)".  I didn't believe in that  rumor and I have the confirmation now, because "dark(P)" is also present in the tournament.
         "yatasty" is Mok Jin Seok, 9P. You can read something interesting about his talent of singing at the other side of the goban here :
         "kobra" : for a long time they thought he is Kim Seong Ryong, 9P, but that rumor has been refuted by evidence. Now he is suspected to be another Korean 9P,  even stronger than Kim. More about this subject here :
         "kingater" (Lee Yeongkyu, 7P) helped me one day to earn many points in betting:

Here is the complete program of the next round - all games  begin at 1 p.m.(CET) or 8 p.m.(Seoul time) :

                    June 7
"CCR2010" (Korea) - "rrx" (China)
       "KOREABA(P)" (Korea) - "whitetee" (China)
       "HIPERACE" (Korea) - "lengyuye" (China)
       "Dcember(P)" (Korea) - "6262179" (China)
       "WuYu(P)" (China) - "wldop" (Korea)
       "mvp(P)" (Japan) - "Iamcoming" (China)

                    June 8
"kobra" (Korea) - "piao(P)" (China)
       "24721529" (Taiwan) - "tmch" (China)
       "gjopok" (Korea) - "xiaohuasm" (China)
       "silent(P)" (China) - "ThrillLove" (Korea)
       "4k_grubby" (China) - "kongm(P)" (China)
       "AllKill(P)" (Korea) - "FanTuan(P)" (China)

                    June 9
"YHPak" (Korea) - "friday2010" (Taiwan)
       "heibeil" (China) - "IamVVIP" (Korea)
       "ShuYX(P)" - "zzajang" (Korea)
       "Strive(P)" - "unorino" (Japan)
       "parang(P)" (Korea) - "oldmemory" (China)
       "allKO(P)" (China) - "enjoyP" (Taiwan)

                    June 10
"yumekaze" (Japan) - "wjdnfndldi" (China 14k ???, probably the name is wrong)
       "gaoshan" (China) - "Anycall11" (Korea)
       "wubianqy" (China) - "kmomo(P)"
       "Kyo(P)" (Korea) - "wulu123" (China)
       "ChenMO(P)" (China) - "kingater" (Korea)
       "lxlx" (China) - "Demon(P)" (China)
                    June 11
"qnfaud" (Korea) - "sxkr" (China)
       "810214" (Korea) - "zwfd(P)" (China)
       "xg(P)" (China) - "yatasty" (Korea)
       "ywl(P)" (China) - "dark(P)" (Korea)
       "LingS(P)" (China) - "Momo(P)" ??(China) something is missing here, there is no such player, he must be MOmo(P)

To give a little color to this informative post, taking into account that Rafael Nadal won for the 6th time the tennis French Open at Roland Garros, I present an interesting game played today by one of Nadal's 9D admirer. "Nadal02" is a Japanese professional  player with a very good score at 9D level. He has a (P) in his Japanese handle, so all his games were against 9D opponents, as he started directly as 9D.

        "Nadal02" 9D, Japan : 51 - 24 (35733 p)

                                     "mingmingp" 9D, China : 467 - 294 (36438 p)


2011-06-08 11:06
Yes, that's why I liked this game too. I thought that black will die there, but he survived miraculously.
( PT ) 2011-06-08 02:06
The way Black managed to live inside White's moyo at the bottom left corner is impressive.
4d 2011-06-07 04:06
Seems like all the games actually took place today. Hopefully a sign of organisation to follow :-p
2011-06-06 03:06
Yes, a very complicated pairing system.
I have not yet deciphered the key.
4d 2011-06-06 02:06
Thanks for the updates!
Will be interesting to see how they make 58 players turn in to a knockout what with it not being a power of 2 :-)
Maybe more random newcomers will appear ^^

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