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2011-06-08 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

King of Kings (R5) : "kobra" vs. "piao(P)"

        It was one of the most awaited days at the King of Kings so far, thanks to the game between "kobra" and "piao(P)", Korea vs. China at the highest level.
        I read some interesting Chinese comments in which they talk very respectful about  "kobra" and call him "Legend". This comment made me more and more curious to find out who "kobra" really might be, because we've already heard, from the Korean side, that he is  "a 9 P someone" from top 5.
        They translated "piao(P)" as "fluttering(P)", suggesting that he plays as easily as a bird flutters its wings. It's logical to suppose that he is in fact Piao Wenyao, 9 P, one of the shinning stars of China's Leopard generation, but I have no source to confirm it.
        To that fluttering style, "kobra" opposed a very pragmatic approach. He took prisoners and scored  points at the edges of the board. "piao(P)" had no other option than a center oriented strategy. At some point, it was a bit of excitement, as white threatened to kill a group of black stones in the middle, but "kobra" calculated everything and kept the game under control till the last move. I was impressed by piao's attitude at the end of the game. He was very polite and fair and said he considers "kobra" to be a great player.
        We expect another exciting day tomorrow with 2 other great players, "YHPak" (Park Yeonghun, 9 P) and "allKO(P)" (supposed to be Gu Li, 9 P), in the spotlight. By coincidence, they both have Taiwanese opponents and start, of course, as great favorites.

                                            "kobra" 9D, Korea : 600 - 280 (38388 p)
                                            "piao(P)" 9D, China : 36 - 27 (35577 p)

                    June 8 (results)
           "kobra" (Korea) - "piao(P)" (China) by resignation
           "gjopok" (Korea) - "xiaohuasm" (China) by resignation
           "silent(P)" (China) - "ThrillLOve" (Korea) by resignation
           "FanTuan(P)" (China) - "AllKill(P)" (Korea) by resignation ( 2 - 2 Korea vs. China today)
          "kongm(P)" (China) - "4k_grubby" (China) by resignation

                   June 9

          "YHPak" (Korea) - "friday2010" (Taiwan)
          "allKO(P)" (China) - "enjoyP" (Taiwan)
          "heibeil" (China) - "IamVVIP" (Korea)
          "WuYu(P)" (China) - "wldop" (Korea)
          "Strive(P)" (China) - "unorino" (Japan)
          "ShuYX(P)" (China) - "zzajang" (Korea)



2011-06-11 12:06
A reasonable guess in my opinion.
4d 2011-06-10 04:06
My guess: black is Park Junghwan who is one of the best in the middle game and in any type of calculation.

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