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2011-05-24 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  8 ratings

King of Kings (R1) : Two boxers of different weights : "wonoguli" vs. "gsg123"

        Just as I feared, the first round was a bit chaotic yesterday, or at least scheduling is very unclear. The first 4 rounds were announced to take place on 23 - 26 May (one round a day). If I counted well, only 47 games were played (from 128). Some other games started just to be canceled. I am not sure ( have to wait and find out) if the first round will be finished today or until May 26.
        Unfortunately, both players qualified from the English Tygem  ("roln" and "hjekshdf") were eliminated. I don't know if Ilya Shikshin is still playing from the hospital. It could be a unique situation and I imagine how hard it must be for him to play in such condition. "roln" lost on time to "ChunF(P)", from China, while trying to find solutions to rescue a large group. "hjekshdf" lost by resignation to "love0805", also from China.
        The most unlucky contestant of the first day was "whl0223" (China). He played against "attract(P)" (Korea)  and shortly after his 34th move lost connection and could not come back in time. In such a situation on Tygem, the unlucky side loses by resignation and not by time.
        "ahu(P)", the mysterious Chinese professional with a 11-0 score, didn't play yet, but his opponent from the last post, "JoneSinna" (Korea), won against "QiuS(P)" (China) by resignation and advances to second round. As a matter of fact, after being eliminated from the tournament, "QiuS(P)" showed his anger by defeating "ioiwin(P)", most certainly a much stronger opponent. In this case, however, I bet he would have preferred to beat "JoneSinna" and not "ioiwin(P)".
         As surprising results (at least for me), I would mention the categorical defeat (by a 25,5 p margin) suffered by "abaj" (China) to "kanyuety" (China).
         Besides all these unlucky players, there is a happy man : "SeeOne" (Korea), the sparring partner of "Marriag(P)" a few days ago ( After 9 consecutive losses, he found the right time to win (and how) by half a point (!) against "GGGGAAAAGG" (China). Maybe his luck has changed now.
          Other results :
           "jwl(P)" (China) defeated "blac" (Korea) by resignation
           "rrx" (Wang Lei, China) d. "customs" (Korea) by resignation
           "knifct" (Liao Xingwen, China) d. "abczzan" (Korea) by resignation
           "slow(P)" (Song Taegun, 9P, Korea) d."zhudayan" (China) by resignation
           "Iamcoming" (China) d. "Holic(P)" (Korea) by 1,5 p
           "930115" (Tang Weixing, China) d. "XMH(P)" (China) by resignation
           "xixishua" (China) d. "LuckyStar2" (China) by resignation
           "heibeil" (China) d."jinyu1" (China) by resignation
        All games were generally long, except for the game I chose to post,"wonoguli" vs. "gsg123", a nice miniature in 79 moves. White has been too optimistic or, better said, too careless with his bottom group. I suspect that the players belong to different weight categories. So no wonder that the fight ended by knock-out.

                               "wonoguli" 9D, China : 118 - 35 (37648 p)
                               "gsg123" 9D, Korea : 470 - 402 (35183 p)


2011-05-25 04:05
Yes, qwerty, the results are there (always very late) and, in fact, many of the games were not played (more than half of the first round).
I suppose all those games were lost by forfeit.
( PT ) 2011-05-24 10:05
I have seen hjekshdf play on KGS before (he is currently 8d there).
I also would like to see roln??s game, could you please link/post it? thx
( DZ ) 2011-05-24 07:05
This link maybe better
11q ( AL ) 2011-05-24 07:05
For reference you can see the results tables on the tygem Korean website.

Still unclear as to what happened with the qualifiers though??
2011-05-24 07:05
Can you be so kind to post the game of Ilya Shikshin?
Do you know who is hjekshdf? Typical chinese nickname with random letters, it seems

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