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2011-05-24 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

King of Kings (R2) : "930115" (Tang Weixing) and his warrior style

          Tygem in English is still very stingy with information about King of Kings. If the players get the same information like we do, no wonder that more than half of the games of the first round were not disputed.
          Once more I am very confused. There are 15 groups that will give to the 15 winners the right to go on. Then we have 12 players coming from the preliminaries. They are not playing now (why not?), but they must come back in the tournament sometime. What kind of mystery combination is this ?  I try to combine numbers to get something like 8, 16, 32 or 64 and I cannot.
        Until the mystery will be solved, let's see what happened today. The undisputed games from the first round were adjudicated somehow and the second round took place. Again, not all, 44 games from 60.
        Here are some results:

                       Group 1 : "rrx" (Wang Lei, China) defeated "jwl(P)" (China) by resignation.
                                         "sagggg" (Korea) d. "AnNi(P)" (China) by resignation

                       Group 2 :  "torment1" (China) d. "knifct" (Liao Xingwen, China) by time

                       Group 3 :  "wonoguli" (China) d. "LianX(P)" (China) by resignation.
                                          "bienaol(P)" (Korea) d. "Hutoshi" (Japan) by resignation
                       Group 4 :  "Affect(P)" (Korea) d. "goeetw" (Taiwan) by resignation

                       Group 5 :  "Iseesky" (China) d. "JIANW(P)" (China) by 4,5 p. 
                                          "slow(P)" (Song Taegun,9P,Korea) d. "Boxer" (Korea) by 8,5 p

                       Group 6 : "Iamcoming" (China) d. "xnaudrhfo" (Korea) by resignation

                       Group 7 :  "930115" (Tang Weixing, China) d. "kirle" (Korea) by resignation

                       Group 8 :  "sxkr" (China) d. "attract(P)" (Korea) by resignation
                       Group 9 : "gaoshan" (China) d. "kjw8669" (Korea) by resignation

                       Group 10 :  "XXUNER" (China) d. "QXI(P)" (China) by resignation.
                                          "LingS(P)" (China) d. "sonic1" (China) by resignation

                       Group 11 : "5353(P)" (Korea) d. "szqwy" (China) by resignation

                       Group 12 : "Demon(P)" (China) d. "Oceanos" (Korea) by 0,5 p
                                         "albty" (China) d. "sanling" (China) by resignation

                      Group 13 :  "nothing(P)" (China) d. "daxiang(P)" (China) by resignation
                                         "ChunF(P)" (China) d. "ok5859" (China) by resignation

                      Group 14 :  "heibeil" (China) d. "GuiZh(P)" (China) by resignation
                     Group 15 : "Star(P)" (China) d. "xibuch" (China) by 6,5 p

    I try to post 2 wonderful games from this round, "930115" vs. " kirle" and "wonoguli" vs. "LianX(P)".
    Tang Weixing didn't play too much under this account in the last period of time, like he used before. I suspected he made another account in order  to go on under the umbrella of anonymity. For this reason, I was a little surprised (in a pleasant way) to see "930115" in this tournament. This game is typical for him, full of risk and unexpected moves. When white played 134 at G10 and 142 at F9, I thought that Tang will lose. He found some extraordinary solutions, like 145 at C12 (!!) and 179 at N13 (!) and I let you discover and savor them too.

                        "930115" 9D, (Tang Weixing, China) : 847 - 410 (37526 p)
                        "kirle" 9D, Korea : 262 - 104 (35300 p)


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