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2011-05-22 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

King of Kings : First round tomorrow

       The time has come. The most important internet GO tournament of the year, the 8th Tong Yang Securities Tygem King of Kings Cup starts tomorrow.
       We must get used to poor and insufficient announcements, as we see  on Tygem in English, so I try to make a short preview of what could be (in my opinion) the most interesting games of the first round. There are 15 groups of 16 players each, plus 12 players qualified from the preliminary rounds. They didn't say, so I just presume that group 16 will be formed by these 12 players and the first 4 from last year, automatically qualified.
                                   Group 1
        "rrx" (China) vs. "customs" (Korea).
        "rrx" is supposed to be Wang Lei (6P) and he has a very good score : 571 - 232 (38585 p).
        "MIALBJ" (China) vs. "Aqua(P)" (Korea).
        "MIALBJ" is a pro who didn't play too much under this account, only 17 games (13 - 4).
        I think the Chinese players are favorites in both games.

                                  Group 2
       "ahu(P)" (China) vs. "sunshinboy" (China).
       "ahu(P)" is a mysterious professional player invincible so far (11 - 0). I am very curious to watch his evolution in the tournament. Being undefeated, I thought it would be a good idea to post one of his games, played on May 15, against "JoneSinna" ( a Korean who plays also tomorrow, in group 14). As you can see, following his sharp moves, "ahu(P)" is very strong tactically.
       "knifct" (China) - "abczzan" (Korea).
       "knifct" is Liao Xingwen, very popular on Tygem. He made sensations, in 1999, when he entered the GO world , at the age of 5 as a child prodigy.

                                 Group 3
        "joonki" (Korea) vs. "eyeinsky1" (China).
        "joonki" is Seo Nunwook ( Suh Nungwook or Suh Ninguk), 9 P from Korea, with 43244(!) rating points and thousands of games played on Tygem. We know absolutely nothing about "eyeinsky1", as he didn't play any game yet. Who knows, we might see a surprise in this game.

                               Group 6
       "Iamcoming" (China) vs. "Holic(P)" (Korea).
       "Iamcoming" is a wonderful player and you can read more about him at :

                              Group 7
         "930115" (China) vs. "XMH(P)" (China).
         "930115" is Tang Weixing, another Chinese star from the new generation. You can find more about him at :

                             Group 8
          "sxkr" (China) - "gojjgo" (Taiwan).
          "sxkr" is very strong and he might have a word to say in this tournament. See how he killed a "kobra" at :

                            Group 9
          "biohazard" (Japan) vs. "hellboy" (Korea).
          "biohazard" is Ryu Shikun, 9P. It is always nice to see a top Japanese player in action. "hellboy" just promoted from 8D to 9D and won his first game at this new level. Ryu must be careful.

                            Group 11
         "longsword1" (China) vs. "Godchoose" (Taiwan).
         We have very little information about "longsword1". He played only 1 game and won it and he must be a professional (because he started as 9D). I like his handle and I am curious to see more of his games.

                           Group 12
          "abaj" (China) vs. "kanyuety" (China)
           More about "abaj" and his geometry and GO fighting at :

                           Group 13
           "daxiang(P)" (China) vs. "123456mmnn" (China)
            More information about "daxiang(P)" at :
    or at : His opponent is 8D, so the great elephant is a clear favorite in this game.

                         Group 14
              "roln" (Russia) vs. "ChunF(P)" (China)
              A difficult game for the European champion.

                        Group 15
            "4k_grubby" (China) vs. "ruogu" (Japan).
             For a long time they thought "4k_grubby" is Gu Li (9P). In fact he is Liu Xi (3P). Both players have approximately the same rating ( 37658 p - 37701 p), so it could be a very balanced game.

                       Group 16
            "allKO(P)" (China) vs. "wubianqy" (China)
            "allKO(P)" is supposed to be Gu Li (9P). Here you can find one of his game from the preliminaries :
             "piao(P)" China vs. "qnfaud" (Korea)
              piao's last game from preliminaries at :
            "allKO(P)" and "piao(P)", 2 wonderful players. Surely they are among the favorites for the new title of King of Kings.


2011-05-23 06:05
Yes, Ilya and "hjekshdf" are the only players qualified from Tygem English special selection.
They are already out after losing their games in the first round.
2011-05-23 05:05
I am surprised to see Ilya Shikshin in this event. How did he get this place? Tygem English Special selection?
2011-05-22 04:05
Grrrr... I hope this item doesn*t work for 9D.
The 9D games are Tygem*s treasure. It would be pitty to be removed at someone*s desire.
On the other hand, I think I should have remembered him, if he played before under that account.
2011-05-22 03:05
As I understand it, it is possible to pay money on Tygem to clean your record. If this is true then longsword1 does not need to be a pro because he started at 9d, maybe he did not start there.

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