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2011-05-19 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  8 ratings

On a wave : "gaofeng(P)"

       This is an exciting game between two top and very popular Korean players. Or better said, an attractive game between "attractive" himself and the mysterious oscillating "gaofeng(P)".
       In a previous post (, I have asked myself why is "gaofeng(P)" so popular, because every time when I see too many observers watching at one specific player, I suspect they know something what I do not know about that player. And we don't know who he really is. There are only rumors that he might be Kang Dongyun, 9P.
       If he is Kang (5th place in top 20 Pro Go players of 2010 !), my puzzlement comes from the fact that he has very fluctuating results, uncharacteristic for such a strong professional. Just take a look at some of his results from 2011:
         * 16 - 3 between 5 - 11.01.2011
         * 3 - 10 between 18 - 22.01.2011
         * 13 - 4 between 26 - 28.01.2011
         * 3 - 17 (!) between 29.01 - 7.02.2011
         * 16 - 4 between 19 - 24.04.2011
         * 8 - 0 last games
    "attractive" needs no more presentation. He is Kim Seong Ryong, 9P, not only a strong player, but also an active BadukTV commentator, very dedicated and temperamental. I quote our expert Kirby, from an article last year : "Even if you don't know Korean, and you happen to be watching BadukTV, if you see a guy energetically yelling about the last hidden stone played, you've probably stumbled across Kim Seong Ryong."
     Unlike "gaofeng(P)", Kim's results are very stable. He had a sensational 41 - 5 record, last year, between 14.06 - 28.08. 2010, probably his best time on Tygem. Also now, before this game, his score was amazing : 17 - 3.
     Strange coincidence, "attractive" (17 - 3 last games) vs. "gaofeng(P)" ( 3 - 17 recently). For whom would you have bet ?  Those who bet on "attractive" and have not paid attention to the last evolution of "gaofeng(P)" lost their money.
      I thought white had a promising game, after he made some big capture in the bottom half. He was like floating in the right direction on flowing river, when he wanted to secure the whole area with 144 at G8. It  proved to be a big mistake. A prompt black reaction , with 145 at F12 and 147 at E11, completely changed the flow of the river. See what happened.

                 "gaofeng(P)" 9D (Kang Dongyun, 9P, ??) Korea : 522 - 377 (36323 p)
                 "attractive" 9D (Kim Seong Ryong, 9P) Korea : 742 - 382 (38337 p)


5d 2013-06-19 02:06
How can an article like this can be rated other than five stars?! People are difficult to understand, really.

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