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2011-05-16 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  7 ratings

"ioiwin(P)" in a shocking defeat

         While waiting for the first round of the King of Kings (scheduled for May 23rd), let's see what some of the finalists are doing or how do they training.
        "kongm(P)" won the preliminary group 24. Just for the record, in the second game of that group, he beat "sentimenta", 9D, from Korea, who produced a big surprise in the first qualification round by eliminating "hua" (Zhou Zhenyu, 3P, from China). I didn't expect "hua" to leave so soon.
          We cannot imagine a better training partner for "kongm(P)" than "ioiwnin(P)". This is not an everyday game, because it is extremely rarely for Lee to lose so dramatically. I cannot explain exactly what really happened. It was an absolutely shocking defeat for black ! He made an overplay, maybe with 39 at R16 or maybe another one from the next moves, then, suddenly, things went from bad to worse. Looking for a chance to come back in the game, Lee tried to complicate the situation as much as possible, but all in vain.

                     "ioiwin(P)" 9D (Lee Changho, 9P) Korea : 461 - 121 (39341 p)
                     6 - 0 before this meeting

                     "kongm(P)" 9D, China : 216 - 211 (34957 p)
                     4 - 0 last games


4d tygem 2011-05-20 04:05
4d tygem is not strong at all :)
2011-05-20 02:05
Whites top terr is too big. Resigning was right decision ...
4k ( ES ) 2011-05-19 07:05
Yes,if e1 not seki (white must answer at a6), black takes 7 stones.
Was he right to concede the game ?
1d ( VN ) 2011-05-19 03:05
what if black play E1 ??

white have only A6 to alive . then black capture center ... not enough point ?
2011-05-18 02:05
No, my source is just a regular amateur player who made the impression as if he was regularly betting on the games. I think he was 4d so he should be able judge the style at least a little.
( CA ) 2011-05-18 01:05
Interesting subject, cuz ioiwin is one of the best on tygem.
Michael,is your source a pro?
2011-05-18 12:05
Who are these sources and can we say that they are more credible than "a Korean"?
2011-05-17 10:05
If he does not know his real name, how can he claim is not Lee ?
Many sources affirm however that ioiwin(P) is Lee Changho and his score is impressive. Just a bad game. He is only a human.
2011-05-17 09:05
When the English Tygem client came out I talked to a Korean and he said that it is not known who ioiwin(P) is but that it is not Lee Changho.
2011-05-17 02:05
Strange game. Many crude moves.
Hard to believe that it was played by real Lee Changho
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