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2011-05-13 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

King of Kings, last preliminary round : wonderful "piao(P)"

       This is the most exciting clash of the preliminaries : "piao(P)" vs "koon". Fighting erupted from the beginning. While the game progressed, it became clear that they will not count the score and somebody will give up eventually. The Korean must have felt very frustrated, because that somebody could be no other than himself. Despite the fact that the game was so complicated, I am not sure if white had the smallest chance to win.
       They say there are 3 generation in the contemporary Chinese Go :
    1. Dragon generation - led by the famous "iron keeper" Nie Weiping
    2. Tiger generation - with Chang Hao as front man
    3. Leopard generation  - represented by Chen Yaoye, Tuo Jiaxi, Zhou Ruiyang and Piao Wenyao.
      Is "piao(P)" actually Piao Wenyao, 9 P, the member of the Leopard generation and the winner of the 15th LG Cup from 2011 ?
     About his opponent ( he is also a professional with a (P) in Korean), I let my imagination wander a bit : koon, Cho Chikoon ...Cho Chikun. So I dreamed that the actual game could be between Piao Wenyao and Cho Chikun. Only a dream. He could be also a younger player who took his name after a fighter from Star Wars : Plo koon.
     As predicted, in group 18, "allKO(P)", supposed to be Gu Li, won against "hjhzzang" 9D, China, and joined the main board too.
    Here are the winners of the preliminary groups ( I don't know why they didn't play the last games in groups 25 and 26) :

            Group 16 : parang(P), Korea
            Group 17 : FanTuan(P), China
            Group 18 : allKO(P), China
            Group 19 : wubianqy, China
            Group 20 : Anycall11, Korea
            Group 21 : ShuiYX(P), China
            Group 22 : piao(P), China
            Group 23 : qnfaud, Korea
            Group 24 : kongm(P), China
            Group 25 : 6262179, China
            Group 26 : xg(P), China
            Group 27 : ywl(P), China

                "piao(P)" 9D (Piao Wenyao ?, 9P), China : 32 - 25 (35542 p)
                won against "star1531" 9D, Korea, in round 1 and "xiabscheng" 9D, China, in round 2
                "koon" 9D, Korea : 30 - 16 (35855 p)
                defeated "ILOVERUIDO" 9D, Japan, in round 1, and "blueguy" 9D, China, in round 2


2011-05-15 07:05
Sorry, next round is scheduled for May 23rd (and not May 24th).
2011-05-15 04:05
It is a lack of information about many issues.
I expect the next round to start at 1 p.m. CET on May 24th (and not May 16th as it was initially programmed), because all preliminary rounds stated at 1 p.m. (Berlin or Paris time)
2011-05-15 03:05
Is there somewhere a schedule for the King of Kings Cup with times when the games are going to start? On the site it is only dates.

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