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2011-04-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  9 ratings

"abaj" and his geometry of GO fighting

        I discovered quite recently this attractive Chinese player, only in early 2011 (although his account is dated 2005), following his wins vs. "biohazard" (Ryu Shikun, 9P), from 5th of January, and "3586" (Kobayashi Koichi, 9P), from 16th of April, both top Japanese profis. He captured me immediately with his beautiful fighting style. It was surprising that I had not noticed him before, probably because he played very few games in 2010, only 15, like a game per month. For this reason, my guess is : "abaj" might be not the only account of a very strong Chinese professional player.
       The Taiwanese player "Delfi" also drew my attention with his good results. He made a 3D account in December 2010 and reached the 9D level after a 58-3 score. As a 9D, his performance is outstanding ( 6-0 before this game and 13-2 last 15 games).
       With all this information you will better understand my interest in the above game. No regret losing my time, was worth it ! The opening focused at the bottom and an early fight erupted after some new moves. My imagination was not good enough to predict which white groups will die. I just took another look at the final position and I noticed the geometry of the walls (that creates a great aesthetics sense).

              "abaj" 9D, China : 206 - 91 (37056 p)
         9 - 1 last 10 (lost only to "3586"- Kobayashi Koichi on 13th of April), 21 - 5 last 26 games )
              "Delfi" 9D, Taiwan : 92 - 16 (36346 p)
         6 - 0 before this meeting and 13 - 2 last 15 games 


2011-04-19 05:04
B is very strong. W is clearly weaker. Taiwanese amateur 6d probably?

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