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2011-04-15 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  9 ratings

Game of April : hua's brilliancy

       This is a magnificent fight, the kind of game I would like to watch over and over again, a hundred times. And even better with a pro comments. I would call it "the corner game", because everything started in the top right corner. For a better understanding of the intensity of the fight, the first move in the opposite empty corner (bottom left) came very late (move 106 !), something very unusual for such a high rated game.
        The  question is : how far the theory went ? 20 moves, 50 moves, 100 moves ? Is there somebody who can give us an answer ? I am very curious, because it looked for many moves like a one way street.
         In a previous post (from 10.02.21011), a viewer, "iamduyu", commented that "idontca1" and "boss(P)" were the most popular Korean players in the Chinese lobby. Regarding "idontca1" (Lee Sedol) I had no doubt about it, but now I see more clearly why "boss(P)" has many funs too. Without his attractive style, this game wouldn't have been so beautiful.
        About "hua", he was described better  by "Marriag(P)" (supposed to be Choi Cheolhan, 9P), who won the Kings of Kings in 2009. The Korean pro said that he plays on Tygem only against strong Chinese opponents and named "hua" and "mijiaer" as Chinese stars. Later we found out their real names : Zhou Zhenyu (3P) and Hu Yaoyu (8P).
    Just for the record, today Zhou Zhenyu won also against another Korean great player, "gkwls" (Lee Jae-ung, 6P),  one of the Tygem leaders in rating points with 41925 p! No matter what, the game I have to post is "hua" vs "boss(P)". I believe this is  the most beautiful game of April so far.

                    "hua"9D (Zhou Zhenyu,3P), China : 1490 - 1016 (37823 p)
                    "boss(P)" 9D, Korea : 677 - 523 (36329 p)


5d ( UA ) 2011-04-30 01:04
idontca1 is not Lee Sedol. Look at the time of his games -- according to it he played two games 2011-04-27 at 12 and 14 pm but at that time he was playing Gu Li in the final of 3rd BC Card Cup. Well, maybe just sometimes his brother (also professional) uses this account ;)
2011-04-16 04:04
Great fight! Thx for sharing!
I never saw B11 in this joseki
Normally Q14, R18 and Black extends on the right. But too boring, I guess :)
1d 2011-04-15 11:04
Wow, great game. Thanks for shearing.
2d ( FI ) 2011-04-15 07:04
How many big dead groups (both white and black) are there in the end ?
I cannot believe my eyes. So bloody game.

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