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2011-04-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

"xiabscheng" vs. "detective" : A stunning knockout in 39 moves

        I posted my last article about "abaj" and I was a little bit tired. I wanted to go for a walk, when a little devil inside didn't let me : " Wait. Look at this game which has just started, xiabscheng vs.detective. It might be interesting."
        It was not only interesting, it was absolutely shocking ! A knock-out in 39 moves at this level (I think both players are 9P) is something like a science fiction. I couldn't believe my eyes. This is like, the so called in German, Schuster matt (shoemaker mate), at a grandmaster level in chess, something unthinkable.
        The story of the game was simple. White ignored a sente move (probably he didn't see a tesuji at A19 in the sequence initiated from move 31) and was  promptly and severely punished.
        Meanwhile I tried to find more information about "xiabscheng". 2 of his games (against "kaixs" and "yangzhuzhu") are analyzed in the lecture room, as a proof how much he is appreciated on Tygem. I found something interesting about "kaixs". He was a very good 9D Tygem player who started the year 2007 with a 14-3 score. Then he lost 2-0 to "xiabscheng" and was so upset that he didn't play anymore.Those were his last 2 games ( under that handle at least). What may look like innocent entertaining internet games for us, might be totally different for them, a matter of life and death. Until now, I didn't think at this aspect.
        Just for the record, the last games of "xiabscheng" : 2-0 vs. "detective" (Japan), 1-0 vs. "idontca1" (Lee Sedol, Korea), 1-0 vs. "dark(P)" (Korea) and 1-0 vs. "SNMCG" (Korea).
       "detective" is a Japanese superstar with an impressive score. There was a rumor that he would actually be Cho U, then turned to be Iyama Yuta more likely. Either of the 2 is a super player.

                      "xiabscheng" 9D, China : 280 - 130 (37401 p)
                      "detective" 9D ( Iyama Yuta ?, Cho U ?), Japan : 132 - 35 (37528 p)


2011-04-19 05:04
1-1 is the winning move!
Here in Russia we have Andrei Cheburahov,5d, who likes to start at 1-1 as his first fuseki move :)

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