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2011-02-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4)  8 ratings

Mystery solved : "kobra" and "attractive" not the same player

        I just read in many places (and I took that information as good), "attractive" and "kobra" are 2 accounts belonging to the famous Korean player and commentator Kim Seong Ryong, 9P. Well, supposing he didn´t play today against himself, in the Tygem tournament, we find that information to be false.
        Both handles are very active players, so no wonder that there was a logical  article, posted here last year : "Does Kim Seong Ryong ever sleep?" That mystery is gone ( probably Kim slept normally, 8 hours a day), but another mystery rises and I am the one who cannot sleep now :  "Who is who ?"
        A viewer, "bien", seemed to know who "kobra" is, because he made the following comment then: "kobra is not Kim. kobra is much stronger." It would have been nice, if he could tell us the real name of that much stronger player. If black is Kim Seong Ryong ( a strong 9P considered by many), who might be much stronger than a strong 9P ?
        Look at this game. "kobra" played better than "attractive". From what I have seen in the past, it is very difficult to win against Kim, when he holds black. He uses the advantage of the first move, building quickly solid shapes and territory. Here, somehow, he lost the first move trump and I had the feeling he was one move behind. A wonderful and complicated strategy, from white´s part, made almost impossible for black to keep things simple. The last black try (189 T11 and 191 Q9), a sequence that might scare a weaker opponent, was promptly and accurately challenged.

            "kobra", Korea : 558 - 250 (38434 p)
            "attractive" (Kim Seong Ryong, 9P), Korea : 712 - 372 (38265 p)


2d 2011-02-19 03:02
I'm not sure W played better here. In the first quarter he seemed to be under more pressure. As for a chance for B to keep things simple, I think he had a various options at 179.

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