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2011-02-18 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.5)  15 ratings

He is coming, he is shining : "Iamcoming"

        His name sounds like a warning : "Beware ! I am coming and you cannot ignore me." Not always such warnings are serious enough ( there are so many accounts as kings, gods, killers, devils and so on), but, this time, there is somebody who is telling the truth.
        He registered as a 3D in December 2009. He won 18 consecutive games as 3D, 20 as 5D, 20 as 7D and first 5 as 9D. So he made big waves with a 63 - 0 score, in March 2010. Go News and Sensations posted one of his first  games, as 9D, against "dark(P)", a Korean pro (the famous Cho Hyunhun, after some observers).
        It is interesting that, about the same period of time , there was another account, "IamGod910", with a 59 - 0 score, rising questions if it belongs to the same player. I suspect it was a dubious handle, not related to "Iamcoming". "IamGod910" made that rating in only one month (between June and July 2009), with too many games against the same opponents. In July, he disappeared from Tygem.
      "Iamcoming" has a winning rate of approximately 3/1 at the 9D level. Even more impressive, if we just take a look in his recent history, we may have a better idea against whom did he managed this performance : idontca1, boss(P), charisma 24, attractive, kobra, gaofeng(P), Nice7, 20hua09, lwd1989 etc. Only against top Tygem players (he targeted the Koreans, of course) . Not bad, isn´t it ?
       I like his style, too. He is not a furious young player, as you may expect. On the contrary, he shows some kind of a positional style, with calm moves and very natural flow of the game. His natural power makes him so dangerous.
      The above diagram illustrates better what I am trying to say. Fairy(P) didn´t play bad at all. In the end, the score was so close, only 2,5 p. But did white really had a chance to turn the table and win ? A frustrating game, in my opinion, for the Korean player.

                   "Iamcoming", China : 217 - 81 (36266 p)
                   "Fairy(P)", Korea : 377 -303 (36424 p)

       PS.  All 3 competitors, for the most consecutive winnings, didn´t go too far. "idontca1" lost the 17th game (against "ykpcx" from China), "Dcember(P)" the 16th (against "tmch" from China) and "meijinn67" the 13th. That race finished with a 16-15-12 score, we may say. Who makes the next challenge ? We wait and see.


2012-05-10 01:05
According to the news from a reliable Chinese source that "Iamcoming" is actually Fan Tingyu, one of the top players of new Chinese wave, who also plays as "ddcg" in "tygem". Also, according to the same source, "silent(P)" is Piao Wenyao, winner of the LG Cup in 2011.

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