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2011-02-13 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.9)  12 ratings

Gold GO : "GoldHammer" (Zhou Ruiyang)

        He is not yet 20 years old (born on 8th of March 1991), but famous in the GO world.
        Zhou Ruiyang made front page news in 2007, when he won against Lee Changho, in an event we may say it was like a milestone in Tygem history. 3 top Korean professionals met 3 anonymous Tygem stars (supposed to be amateurs) : Lee Changho vs "GoldHammer" (China), Cho Hunhyun vs "spiderman1" (Japan), Yoo Changhyuk vs "gurenarukl" (Korea). All 3 pros lost. It was like an atomic bomb that left the GO community perplexed.
       What they didn´t know then, "GoldHammer" was a young 16 years old Chinese prodigy, a 5P already. He won 2 times the Fujitsu Cup (under 15) and Wanbao Cup, before becoming pro. In 2006, Zhou defeated Kong Jie (it was a big sensation in China) in the challenger final for the TianYuan, the second biggest title of the country (lost the final to Gu Li, 1-2). In 2007, the year of that Tygem´s extraordinary event, Zhou Ruiyang was the youngest holder ever of a Chinese title, a golden boy.

       In the list of top 20 professional GO players of 2010, Zhou was number 11. (1. Lee Sedol 2. Kong Jie  3. Park Yunghwan 4. Choi Cheolhan ...7. Gu Li ... 13. Lee Changho ...17. Cho Hanseung)

       It is interesting that "spiderman1" and "gurenarukl" disappeared from Tygem ("spiderman1" was replaced by a 4D account). Probably they wanted their real names to remain a mystery and the legend of average Tygem amateurs  players, who can beat top Korean pros, to last forever. Even Zhou stopped playing in May 2008 with "GoldHammer" handle . To my surprise and to my joy, at the same time, he put this account back to life in 2011, on 17th of January.
      Today, he met Choi Cheolhan ("showmethe") in that Tygem tournament I cannot translate. I am sure, Choi will try to forget this game as soon as possible. He didn´t have a real chance to catch black and to make a bid for victory. A strange one sided game for such top players. Somebody could ask : " Are you sure that "showmethe" is Choi Cheolhan ?

            "GoldHammer" (Zhou Ruiyang, 5P), China : 550 - 196 (39699 p)
            "showmethe" (Choi Cheolhan, 9P), Korea : 419 - 203 (37635 p)


2k ( DE ) 2011-02-16 02:02
I read about Zhou being no.1 in China. A really amazing player, indeed!
2011-02-13 06:02
also, Zhou Ruiyang is #1 in the last chinese ranking, ahead of the likes of Gu Li and Kong Jie.
2011-02-13 06:02
i dont think showmethe is choi cheolhan, as i dont think idontca1 is lee sedol. their ratings seems too weak compared to lee chang ho's or goldhammer here.

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