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Servers | Tygem | "Dcember(P)", from Korea, explodes to star status

2011-02-12 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  8 ratings

"Dcember(P)", from Korea, explodes to star status

       That´s why Tygem is so exciting. The level of the games is so high, that nobody can win too many games in a row. However,  there is always somebody ready to  amaze us.
       "Dcember(P)" is a new Korean account (made on 14th of January 2011). The new players, accredited as professionals by the admins of the server, receive the 9D rank from the beginning, so they have immediately a hard life.  I smelled something strange in the air, because "Dcember(P)" was only an anonymous newcomer and too many observers wanted to see his games. He had a good start, but not quite what can I call sensational, with a 6-3 score. Then he made a series of 6 wins and another one of 7 wins, until he exploded this month, winning 14 games in a row ! Only against top players.
       I don´t know which is the highest straight winning record on Tygem (at 9D level, of course). Maybe it is interesting for you to find out that "idontca1" (Lee Sedol) has, at this moment, 16 consecutive wins, so there is some kind of a challenge, from a distance, between these 2 stars. Lee Sedol leads 16-14. How far can they go ?
       Just for the record, I show you the last 10 games performance from some other top players.

                   "meijinn67", ( Rin Kaiho, Cho U, Iyama Yuta ??) : 10 - 0 (12 - 0) !
                   "ioiwin(P)", (Lee Changho) : 9-1
                   "detective", (Iyama Yuta, Cho U  ??) : 9-1
                   "showmethe", (Choi Cheolhan) : 8-2
                   "arrowmint", (Yoda Norimoto) : 8-2
                   "charisma24", (Cho Hanseung) : 8-2
                   "yatasty", (Mok Jinseok) : 7-3
                   "930115", (Tang Weixing) : 7-3

       And now, back to our game (it had 642 observers). You know already "lxlx" and how strong is he. Look how he lost this one. A tsunami swept the right bottom. I couldn´t believe my eyes. Nothing left there, so that no reason to continue playing. Why didn´t he defend the corner earlier? Was he already too far behind ?

           "Dcember(P)" , Korea : 49 - 21 (36323 p)

           "lxlx", China : 1117 - 803 (37090 p)




Parik Stefanov
2011-02-12 07:02
Thank you, A.K, interesting. I make some corrections and put some more question marks then.
7d ( JP ) 2011-02-12 04:02
detective seem to be iyama yuta in japan.

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