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2011-02-10 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.8)  6 ratings

Why is "gaofeng(P)" so popular ?

       If someone believes that I can answer this question, he will be disappointed. "gaofeng(P)" attracts always a large number of observers and I didn´t find yet a plausible explanation for this phenomenon.
       In my mind, a player on Tygem should meet the following conditions, in order to attract more viewers than usual :
       1. To be a famous top pro and his real name to be known (like Lee Sedol or Lee Changho, for example).
 We have only rumors about his real name (Kang Dongyun - 9P). Suppose this is true, is Kang famous enough ? A good player, no doubt, but not a legend yet.
       2. As anonymous player, to have amazing results or rating.
 Again, not the case. Between 29. 01 - 7.02.2011 his score was 3 wins - 17 losses. His rating is good, but nothing special.
       3. To have a unique and original style (like Takemiya for example) which puts a spell on everybody. I cannot assert this too.
       Last year, Kirby made some investigations about gaofeng(P), apparently as puzzled as me, without tangible results. So, why is this player so popular ?
       In absence of a satisfactory answer (maybe someone could tell us more), I posted his today´s interesting game against "tmch", a Chinese player with a good Tygem history. I read some articles in which they say "tmch" is Kong Jie. I don´t believe it, even if "tmch" is quite  strong. Kong is rated as the number 1  player of the world, holding, for the moment, so many big international titles. In my opinion, his account on Tygem should be much more spectacular and I would really love to know it !

          "gaofeng(P)", Korea : 462 - 333 (36299 p)
          "tmch", China : 1945 - 1466 (36990 p)


( C2 ) 2011-02-11 12:02
i don't think he is pop enough. at least in the lobby of china. idontca1and boss(p) is better.

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