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2011-02-07 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  6 ratings

An Iris lost its first petal

            Another big show today !
     "Iris1234" is a new Korean account, invincible before this meeting. He (she, maybe, with this delicate name) won all his 40 games as 5D and 7D and, also, the first game as 9D. Of course, I was curious to see how far he can go.
     "wjx(P)" is the kind of opponent you would love to see against such mysterious undefeated newcomers. I have watched many of his games (most of them against another top Tygem players). He is just great, a 9P in real life I suppose.
     "pig008", the troublemaker observer, was also there (with his number 1000 account), as a sign that many  people gathered, all eager (like me) to find out the outcome of this clash. I have to get used with this guy. He seems to be always there, shouting his hilarious slogans from the crowd.
     The Chinese player was not in a romantic mood. He pulled all the petals from the iris flower. In the end, you may be left with the feeling that "Iris1234" was hit by a train, though, during the game, it looked so  complicated and exciting. It was a deadly battle, with no intention of counting the points and only seeking the knock-out.
     I don´t think that "Iris1234" is weak for the 9D world. The next game, he won again, against another pro, "Star(P)" (so he has 2-1 as 9D, for the moment).

            "wjx(P)", China : 111 - 54 (36288 p)
            "Iris1234", Korea : 42 - 1 (36414 p)


2011-02-11 01:02
I am pretty sure that Iris1234 is pro. At least, he is much stronger than me

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