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2011-02-03 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

Lee Sedol, man in the mirror

         Today, Lee Sedol played a very entertaining minimatch of 2 games (won both) against "lxlx" from China. I chose to post the first leg of this meeting. This is the kind of game I never regret watching. It has everything, including humor (and hate, unfortunately, from someone´s part). It started like a joke from Lee´s side, as he just played mirror moves. At one moment, he found that strategy somehow boring, so he broke the mirror and the real fight began.
        There were already 640 observers and I forgot to check their number later, because the game was so exciting. That crazy observer, "008pig100", who is targeting the Chinese players, was also there. He spread the  messages from his repertory ("Chinese men only good at majong, do you agree ? - Chinese men are not 3 or 4, do you agree ? - Chinese boat steal fish in JP sea, do you agree ?" and so on) and a verbal fight between the observers erupted too.    They were swearing at each other, even after "008pig100" was banned from the server. Probably this is his number 100 account. The last time I saw him under "008pig...", but I don´t remember the last digits. I hope he´ll grow up some day.
        The battle looked very tense till the last move. The Chinese player was trying desperately to fish in troubled water (steal fish in JP sea ?) and I had the feeling that Lee found this amusing, like in a cat and mouse game.
        "lxlx" is quite  strong  (see his game against "boss(P)" posted some days ago). I can speculate a little about his handle ( Liu Xiaoguang or Luo Xihe, both 9p, or Liu Xing, 6p), but nothing more.
        A beautiful game!

         "idontca1" (Lee Sedol 9P), Korea : 112 - 27 (36874 p)
         "lxlx", China : 1101 - 787 (37112 p)


2011-02-04 02:02
Fujisawa Hosai was famous for such mirror-Go strategy. He used it almost in every game he played as White
Parik Stefanov
2011-02-04 02:02
Usually, they start with 10 min, folowed by 3/30 sec per move. I see often 1 or 5 min with 3/10 or 20 sec per move. For example, Lee Sedol likes a faster tempo, while Lee Changho a slower one. Sometimes, I am surprised to see high rated Japanese players in fast games (like "hereborasu" on Oro server), because I have noticed many Japanese getting angry, if you make a fast game offer ( they take that like an offense to them and to the GO game).
2011-02-04 07:02
I always wondered what time limits 9d players use on Tygem. Is it blitz or they also play slow games? On oro most common time setting for 8ds is 10 sec per move.

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