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2011-02-01 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

The two faces of a goban : Mok Jinseok vs Choi Cheolhan

      Choi Cheolhan has a fantastic time in 2011, winning almost everything.
      Korea took home the 12th Nogshim Cup, because nobody could stop Choi, who won the last 4 games of the tournament.  
      He turned the table in the 54th Kuksu Cup, from 0-1 to 2-1, against Lee Changho and needs only one more win to take the title. 
      He won convincingly, 3-0, the Korean Tengen (Chunwon), against Lee Taehyun.
      3 days ago, he defeated Choi Kyubyeyong (9P) and qualified for the second round of the BC Card Cup. 
      The only major loss was against Lee Sedol, in the semifinal of the 29th KBS Cup.
      A pretty busy schedule, isn′t it ?  However, he found time today to play another game on Tygem ( I think it is a kind of internet tournament, but I don′t know how to translate it ). He met a really tough opponent, another 9P from Korea, Mok Jinseok.
      Mok shows also good form in these days. He just eliminated Lee Sedol from the 12th Maxim Cup, in the 3rd round, on 21st of January. I´ve heard Mok is a very gentle person, very kind and friendly, not the type of pro exiled in the ivory tower. I saw him, in a picture, singing at an upside-down goban (hitting the goban legs with a teaspoon). GO is even more complex than I thought. Good to know you can use the goban as a musical instrument too!
      So what else could I expect more than a game between two 9P in top form ?
      It happened to be a bad result for Choi. He lost a series of small battles and, inevitably, the last one. Probably he blamed himself for not being able to kill the R4 group of stones, which seems to be the most important moment of the game. Not Choi′s best day, but quite a good performance (a nice goban melody!), if we judge from Mok′s point of view.

           "showmethe" (Choi Cheolhan, 9P), Korea : 418-202 (37638 p)
           "yatasty" (Mok Jinseok, 9P), Korea : 337 - 116 (38828 p)


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