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2011-01-30 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Lee Changho takes revenge against "EastDetect"

        Lee Changho qualified, yesterday, for the second round of the BC Card Cup, with a victory against Peng Quan (7 P) from China. It was a normal result, but not all the favorites have passed the first round test. Kong Jie, Chang Hao and Cho Chikun all 3 lost unexpectedly.
       Today, Lee Changho was probably in a relax mood, so he entered Tygem, watching the games and  being open for challenges. Not any challenge, of course. You must be famous enough to play with "Master Lee".
       Or, maybe, he was looking for a specific opponent, someone who defeated him not long ago. It happened that such a big fish was there, the Chinese player "EastDetect". He won against Lee 8 days ago, on 22nd of January. I was lucky enough to see that game also live, so that I knew exactly the reason and what was the stake of this game. I have no idea who is "EastDetect". It came through my mind, not serious enough : "What if EastDetect is Peng ?"
       Lee won convincingly and took revenge. "EastDetect" had 6 consecutive wins before this meeting (against 6 different opponents, to avoid any confusion). I like the double hane 44-46 (M6, L5). It solved the problems of that group of stones, in an elegant and skillful way. After move 189 (G9), we see the shape of a big black center. I still cannot believe that, in the end, there were only 7 points left there ! Maybe I need glasses ! ...or learn more ?

    "ioiwin(P)" (Lee Changho, 9P), Korea : 425 - 108 (39259 p)
    "EastDetect", China : 279 - 157 (37338 p)


2011-02-04 02:02
Yes, I enjoy this articles too!
Thank you!
Mr Grateful
30k-9d ( VA ) 2011-01-31 05:01
Just want to say thanks to Parik for all these Tygem updates. Really nice to read and look at.
Parik Stefanov
2011-01-31 01:01
Yes, an impressive rating. There are some "monsters" over 40000 p. If I have a chance to see them live,I´ll post them too.
2011-01-31 06:01
39259 rating points??
thats the biggest you've post here

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