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Servers | Tygem | A long and tense fight : "boss(P)" vs. "lxlx"

2011-01-21 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

A long and tense fight : "boss(P)" vs. "lxlx"

     I don´t know how, but every time I see both players, in the opening, placing stones only in their part of the table, something crazy follows, changing completely the flow of the game. At one moment, someone´s territory looks bigger, so the other side goes crazy and invades, trying to turn the balance. For me it is always funny to watch games like these.
    So, if you like also this scenario, just follow this long and tense game.
    "boss(P)" is a popular internet Korean professional. I don´t know his real name. Trying to find out some information about him, I read a blog, where a GO fun declared "boss(P)" his favorite Tygem player, because of his interesting fighting style, even if he is not one of the best there. In the last days, he showed a good form and had 7 consecutive wins, before this encounter.
    "lxlx" is a Chinese player who didn´t start so well in 2011, falling from 9D to 8D. As 8D, he immediately won 15 consecutive games and regained easily the 9D status. Another 3 successes gave him 18 straight wins (during 8-10.01.2011), before being defeated by Cho Hanseung 9P ( "charisma24") , the strong Korean who lost the game of the month against Choi Cheolhan 9P ("showmethe").
    767 observers enjoyed the marathon game live.

   "boss(P)" 9D - Korea : 615 - 470 (36311 p)
   "lxlx" 9D - China : 1069 - 763 (37062 p)


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