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2011-01-23 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (4.8)  4 ratings

"SecKill" wants to kill everybody

     "SecKill" is a Chinese newcomer with a 70-1 score so far. He played only 3 games as 9D, winning them all. Another interesting player to watch !  Well, let´s see if he can keep this incredible pace.
     What I have noticed, while following his games, he has a very sharp attacking style, something you may already suspect from the chosen handle.
     "tirak999" has also an interesting history. He reached 9D after 40 straight wins (20 as 5D and another 20 as 7D), but, as a 9D, he lost all 7 games against 9D opponents (and won another 3 games against the same 5D player).
     So my question is : "Do we have here a game between 2 ambitious strong new comers or at least one of them is not so strong and just managed to manipulate the score?" You may have your own opinion, after seeing this boxing game, ended with a knock-out.

      "SecKill" 9D : 70-1 (36725 p)
      "tirak999" 9D : 43-7 (35650 p)


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