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2011-01-17 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  4 ratings

The game of the month : "showmethe" vs. "charisma24" (Choi Cheolhan vs Cho Hanseung)

    Someone who watches Tygem daily may notice that top Korean players usually avoid to fight each other. They just prefer to meet Chinese or Japanese players. This is a wonderful exception, due to an internet tournament, so it was more than a friendly Tygem game.
   "showmethe" is supposed to be Choi Cheolhan, 9 P, who, 3 days ago, defeated Lee Changho in the 54th Korean Kuksu final, to level the score, 1-1, in a best of 5 match.The commentators say that Choi is having a very successful Go time, with presence in almost all big tournaments. Choi has also another account, "Marriag(P)", considered by some to be the best Tygem player.
   "charisma24" has impressive results also, making me wonder who might he be. For example, between 3rd and 10th of January, he won 11 straight games against strong 9D opponents, showing great skills. If we look at a similar account, he could be "attractive" (Kim Seong Ryong, 9P). "attractive" has almost the same style and performances, but this is only a shy assumption. He likes to build solid and rather big territories in the beginning, a very effective strategy, especially when he holds black.
   This is such an exciting battle! I saw white almost all the time in trouble and I was so curious to discover the best answer, when I couldn´t imagine myself a satisfactory continuation. I like also this kind of unbalanced game, with big dead groups of stones and life and death hanging on a single move.
   The game is so beautiful, that I would call it: The game of the month (January).

   "showmethe" 9D (Choi Cheolhan, 9P), Korea : 415 - 201 (37623 p)
   "charisma24" 9D (Cho Hanseung, 9P), Korea : 527 - 210 (38639 p)

     PS :   With the help of Bohdan, we know now that "charisma24" is Cho Hanseung and we have a complete picture of this high level game. I just added it to players´ info. And Choi confirms his excellent form, defeating Kong Jie (China) and winning the Nongshim Cup for Korea, on January 20th.



Parik Stefanov
2011-01-22 12:01
Thank you, Bohdan. Good to know. I was sure that "charisma24" is a top player.
5d ( UA ) 2011-01-21 03:01
Charisma24 is Cho Hanseung 9d -- one of the strongest in Korea

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