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2011-01-12 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  5 ratings

Hate and crazy observers

   Sometimes you can meet hate and crazy people, where you do expect the least, such as on a GO server.
   It happens on Tygem, too. There are people who do not hate just another people, they hate nations. How can someone hate a whole nation is just beyond my understanding.
   For example, there is an observer who watches the games of the Chinese players, just to make comments like these : "Chinese people are stupid, do you agree ?" "Chinese people are thieves, do you agree ?" And so on. I think the messages are generated by a computer, because they are always the same. I would like to ask the owner of those messages just that : "Chinese people invented the GO game, do you agree?"
   And now, after the unpleasant introduction, back to our game. It is one of the most complicated game I have seen in the last time. I cannot comment anything, because it could be all wrong. Ok, maybe something regarding my confusion. I saw a big white territory on the left side and many black prisoners. In the end it was like I was watching at another game : the big white territory vanished and there were only few black prisoners.
   To play like this you must be a very young tactical "demon". Who black might be other than the rising star Tang Weixing ? White is also a very strong player, if you look at his score. So they played this incredible game, while the observers were screaming at each other to make my confusion even greater.

   930115 (Tang Weixing)  9D - China : 837 - 401 (37541 p)
   qsjsy  9D - China : 426 - 212 (37135 p)


2011-01-12 04:01
I would love to see more online games of Tang Weixing. So hes 3p. Supposed its him :)

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