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2011-01-09 Expert: Parik Stefanov Rate: (5)  7 ratings

How to kill a "kobra" (who happens to be a 9P)!

     I have no idea who might "sxkr" be. I have watched many of his games and I have noticed an extraordinary capability of killing big groups. (A few days ago, on 2nd of January 2011, he killed also a  huge group of "AceJoker", a strong  Korean 9D.) So all I can say, "sxkr" is just another amazing Chinese star.
     Today he met "kobra", the famous Korean 9P, Kim Seong Ryong. Kim is a very popular player and commentator. He has an attractive style and a solid positive score on Tygem. By the way, Kim Seong Ryong has another account :"attractive", with almost the same performances as "kobra".
     This game shows us that every GO rule has an exception. I see 2 rules broken here : "Big groups never die." and "You cannot kill a 9P". What a nice battle! I didn´t believe, till the last move, that white could kill the big black dragon. Kim came always with some kind of a trick move ( such as 151 at G15, 155 at J13, 159 at C11, 163 at F6), making me think that he will be out of the hook. Against a weaker opponent, I am sure that he would escape without any problem. But "sxkr" proved  not to be an ordinary player. He found every time the right answer and Kim, facing the disaster, had to resign.

     Enjoy this great game!

                "kobra" 9D (Kim Seong Ryong 9P) - Korea : 551 - 247 (38415 p)
                "sxkr" 9D - China : 968 - 522 (38317 p)


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