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2011-07-26 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  5 ratings

EGC 3rd Round - More Exciting Happenings

In an electrifying match, Kim Youngsam ('Korondo' 9d on KGS) scored a win over Jeon Sang Youn 7d (they are both from Seoul, Korea). It was a very complicated game from beginning to end, where Kim showed great fighting skill. You can see their game here: please pay attention to B105 and the continuation; the result was impressive - Black killed the White dragons in the center! Kim's power must make his opponents tremble!

Catalin Taranu defeated Csaba Mero on board 1 by 15,5 points, and the young talent Thomas Debarre also pulled off another win (he beat Cornel Burzo today). But then, the game between Ondrej Silt and Alexander Dinerchtein stirred controversy...

Even though White (Alexander) made the game closer in yose, Ondrej was still a few points ahead. They were playing the final ko (nothing fancy, Black was leading regardless of its result) when Ondrej made a mistake (probably because of the pressure?): he recaptured the ko without making a threat!

Black had made an illegal move. We can't blame him, such mistakes can happen. Now the outcome of the game will ultimately have to be decided by the rules (Simplified Ing Rules).

If a player makes an illegal move, and if this is noticed within three moves, then the game should be unwound to the move just before the illegal move, and continued. The referee may allow an adjustment of the time.


     The referees decided that the players should continue the game, so Alexander resigned and wrote a letter to the appeal committee (which will meet tomorrow).

Ondrej Silt played a good game, so playing an illegal move was unfortunate... We can say that, if the appeal committee decides that he should lose the game, it may be "unfair", but it is important to keep in mind that that would not be the fault of the players, but rather of the rules.


7D 2011-08-01 04:08
Nice cheat dinerchnoob I hope your next opponent will ask you for the ko again...After Guo Juan and Ondrej Silt, why not a korean 7D ?
1d ( US ) 2011-07-31 03:07
Dinerstein is try to win a lost game desperately, and behaved unfair. The turnament rules are unequivocals. And even so, he still remonstrate. Its pitiful.
Otherwise, I agree with fredda.
6d ( SE ) 2011-07-28 12:07
First of all, why is someone using my name? :) Please use your own name, or at least write anonymous...

Regarding the clock issue, I heard it was told by the recorder. But as there is no stream proof (only board 1 and 2 are on stream) and Mr Dinerschtein denies it, there is no need to further press the issue.
7k ( CA ) 2011-07-27 11:07
OSit, you certainly have a right to accept your own fatal mistakes and resign even if ahead in your own tournament play. But you have no right to expect your opinion to be forced onto others when it is clearly within their rights under the abiding tournament rules to have the option to correct such mistakes.
7k 2011-07-27 10:07
You people make the situation look more obvious than it is. Yes, Ondrej made the mistake. However it's easily forgiven because there was a lot of pressure in that game and it's easy to make mistakes like that after playing a couple of hours. The fair thing is to go according to rules.

To me breakfast seems like the Michael Schumacher of Go. He wins a lot but he often ends up in controversial situations. And since he also spreads rumours by himself, he shouldn't be so shocked when somebody spreads rumours about him.
2011-07-27 10:07
grentd said everything. i cant believe even in go there are fanboys around. grow up. its not the topic that he didnt answered his opponent. its that he was unable to accept one decision which was truly conform to the tournaments rules. no needs for sulking and hoping for a sneaky win.
2011-07-27 09:07
To accept your mistake (that violated the rules of the game) and resign (even if you are ahead) is another option, no matter how painful it is.
This is my opinion.
7k ( CA ) 2011-07-27 09:07
Why would the other player resign after playing an illegal move when the tournament rules clearly show that there is another option?
The purpose of playing in a tournament is obviously to win and to do so within the limits of the tournament rules.
2011-07-27 07:07
nice one Kanin :D

hats off to Ondrej.
2011-07-27 07:07
It's all about hate here against breakfast.
I didn't see any comment about the other player who made an illegal move and had not enough dignity to resign the game.
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