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2011-07-28 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  1 ratings

Pros vs. Top European players (EGC-2011)

Yesterday, Thomas Debarre (France) got the chance to play the legendary Yoo Changhyuk 9p (from Korea), in a three stones handicap game. I watched the live broadcast by EuroGoTV, so I could also see the players discussing the game afterwards. Kim Sungrae 8p was helping Thomas with the translation, but I couldn't hear their comments. Anyway, I paid attention to the board (Go is a universal language!) and I think I got the main points of the review (so I added a few notes and variations in the game record).

The other results from this event were as follows:

Lisy Pavol 5d (Slovakia) vs. Wang Yao 6p (China), W+4,5 (Handicap: 3)

Mitic Nikola 5d (Serbia) vs. Enda Hideki 9p (Japan), B+2,5 (Handicap: 2)

Dusan Mitic 6d (Serbia) vs. Hayashi Kozo 6p (Japan), B+R (Handicap: 2)

Thomas was naturally very tense during the game (the time settings were not so slow - 30 min main time + 5x 30 sec - so that also adds to the pressure), but he was never afraid to fight. Yoo Changhyuk 9p is also known for being a very strong attacker, so the game was very exciting. Enjoy the lesson!


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