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2011-06-30 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

'chenns' 9d and the Time Curse

Today 'chenns' played three games, all decided by time.

His first game was against 'willzhang' 9d. At move 79, Black (Zhang) played a move but he still lost by time. What is really strange about this is that, even though White won by time, the last move in the game was played by Black - how can that happen?

Despite the fact that 'chenns' added time to his opponent, it seems that there was a problem with willzhang's internet connection. Both players were upset after the game (and 'chenns' pointed out more than once that he did add time: 'I REALLY ADDED.......I ADD 1 MIN...').

Anyway, it was time to move on. 'MilanMilan' then accepted to play 'chenns', and again the game's ending was controversial.

You can see their game here. (As usual, 'chenns' used the Chinese Opening.) The interesting part starts with White 110 (J14). Up to W128, Black is cut and his groups have to struggle for life. But then 'MilanMilan' was not cautious with his own group at the bottom when he played W148... So Black got his chance to complicate things and he tried to capture White's dragon!

As you might have guessed, this game too did not end with a formal resignation: 'MilanMilan' lost by time at move 199!

chenns [9d]: whose problem?

MilanMilan [9d]: who's lag?

MilanMilan [9d]: ???

MilanMilan [9d]: ?

chenns [9d]: ??.....again....

The position was still complicated, so after the game 'chenns' showed how Black was going to live at the top, and he played out the semeai at the bottom, too. I added those moves in the game file - as you can see, the game is favorable for Black (although White could have lived at the bottom some moves before, had he been more careful). Anyway, again 'chenns' was trying to be humble:

Emerson [4k]: wow chens beat milan

Emerson [4k]: incredible

chenns [9d]: no

chenns [9d]: net beat milan

chenns [9d]: not me

I guess this will be an interesting episode for those who believe in Karma: after saying this, 'chenns' started a new game - now against 'kghin' - and, believe it or not, this time it was his turn to lose by time! 'cheens' accepted the defeat gracefully, though:

chenns [9d]: pay back XDXD


2011-07-01 04:07
I really really recommend a new KGS programmer. Or just the KGS mod. So many features are not implemented by the KGS author yet.
And it isn't difficult!

So sad that so good Gamer get deterred by ONE programmer.

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