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2011-06-30 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

'kghin' playing Rengo

It is quite rare to see Pair Go played by top players on KGS. The only recent Rengo example I can think of was the promotional game for Experience Go in China 2011 played by 'MilanMilan' and 'smartrobot' a few months ago, which was a very exciting happening (

Today 'kghin' played two Rengo games, with 'cutebaby' 8d (from China?) as his partner. They won their first game against 'esyise' 7d and 'Shinichi56' (mid-dan player from France) by time (it was a rather fast game for Pair Go, with only 20 sec per move), and lost the second game (which you can see here).

The players were not afraid to fight so it was a very fun (and complicated) game. If you want to know who played each move, keep in mind that 'Shinichi56' played first (as Black) and then 'kghin' had the first move as White. From the beginning it seems that the best team was always Black. (After the final ko fight, White is behind by around 15 points so kghin's team resigned.)

It would be very entertaining if more strong players tried Pair Go, so hopefully 'kghin' enjoyed the experience and will keep playing it.


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