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2011-07-06 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

'smartrobot' vs. 'Korondo', best of three

 Before their encounter today, 'Korondo' had only played two games with 'smartrobot' (he won them both, one by time). They are close in strength, but we know that the task of beating a Chinese professional must be very hard, even for Kim.

Today they played each other three times ('smartrobot' was always White), and this time 'Korondo' only managed to win one game (by 1,5 points). Jack Jin was victorious!

There was a lot of fighting in all their games (you can see their last game here - a big Black dragon was killed!). The EGC will start in less than three weeks, so many strong European players will probably want to check Korondo's games to study his weaknesses. Anyway, it will be hard to stop Kim, even if 'smartrobot' shows us how to beat him. :-)


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