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2011-05-31 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  1 ratings

'aguilar1' beats 'twoeye' (exciting ko in yose!)

This year Fernando Aguilar is not representing Argentina in the World Amateur Go Championship, so his country is not doing so well (so far, Argentina is in 48th place...). I am sure that Aguilar would show better results!

The game that you can see here had an exciting finish.

If White had defended his top left group before Black played C18, he would have won the game by a few points. However, Black noticed it first and got his chances...

Please check the ko in the upper left corner until Black plays 285 (C17). Black was threatening to capture the corner! Finally Black got a huge compensation with his ko threat (B287, A3), and he took the lead (Black became ahead by 1 point!). I added some notes in the game file to explain why White could not ignore Black's ko threat with 288.

In the end 'aguilar1' won by 1,5 points. Very nice ending!


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