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2011-06-02 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  4 ratings

'chenns' 8d vs. 'northface2' 8p - guess who won!

Many people are asking: "Is 'northface2' really 8p?".

In an old article for, 'breakfast' commented that: 'According to Diana Koszegi she is Ko Juyeon, young female pro.'. Here are some remarks made during the game by strong players:

cheater [7d]: she is pro

Fredrik [7d?]: 8p

cheater [7d]: 8p

I guess it is true, although her results on KGS are not really impressive...

So 'northface2' is Ko Juyeon 8p, who is now teaching Go in Europe.


Yesterday, 'chenns' played her in a teaching game. It was actually not clear who was teaching whom, and it seems that 'chenns' only accepted playing a 'Teaching Game' by accident:

chenns [8d]: not rank game?

chenns [8d]: .....

chenns [8d]: I didn't notice it was a teaching game...

It was a beautiful game ('chenns' used the Chinese Opening again). White also played the Chinese formation, which was really strange (I cannot find other examples from pro games with the same Fuseki)! Usually that plan is not good for her because Black has the first move, so he can go faster...

Black also played a new move - Black 25 - and the result looks acceptable for both (locally I think that White is better, but Black got a ladder-breaker later).

I assume that it was 'northface2' who reviewed the game afterwards, so it is interesting to check the variations that she suggested in the game file. It seems that White overplayed at the top, after Black 157. If White had played more solidly (again, check the variations), the game would be better for her (indeed, it is hard to see how Black could win if White had simply defended at O15 with W154).

In the actual game, White's group in the center ended up being killed (Black 185-187 were very powerful moves)! It was a rather unexpected finish...


PS: Please let me take the chance to thank those readers who kindly messaged me asking for us to cover this game.

By the way, do you want us to post the games from the World Amateur Go Championship played by KGS stars? (China won it, but the USA took 3rd place, and I am also very happy for Thomas Debarre, from France, who placed 4th, ahead of Japan! Congratulations to all of them!)


( PT ) 2011-06-02 02:06
That's interesting--- My database is a bit out-dated, so thanks for pointing that out. I guess opening theory is changing!
2k ( SE ) 2011-06-02 01:06
I have some 10 pro games with this opening; all from 2010 and 2011. Most prominently Gu Li vs Heo Youngho - 1st game in 15th Samsung Cup final[1].

At 11 moves there are still 6 similar games. Chenns goes off "known teritory" (for my database) at move 15.

1dan 2011-06-02 01:06
Actually recently, it's a rather popular fuseki. If black plays chinese fuseki, white plays chinese as well. It's a moyo vs moyo game. One of such fusekis was between Lee Sedol and Gu Li in their recent games.

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