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Servers | KGS | 'Korondo' 9d vs. 'MilanMilan' 9d - their first encounter (over 500 observers)!


2011-05-29 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

'Korondo' 9d vs. 'MilanMilan' 9d - their first encounter (over 500 observers)!

'MilanMilan', Chinese 2-dan professional, is one of the (or THE) strongest active player on KGS. He really needs no introduction...

'Korondo' is a strong amateur from Korea [one of our readers revealed that he is a former 3rd class Yonguseng (insei)].  He is currently no. 2 in the KGS' official "Top 100 Players" (


'Korondo' was quite aggressive in this game, but I am not sure that that is a good strategy against 'MilanMilan'! Some strong players were discussing the game while they played, so this time I didn't remove the kibitz.

It was an exciting game. Here are some of its highlights: White 22 (it was a new move - usually it is played at K16); Black 33, and the following fight (maybe Black was too aggressive!); White 140-144 (nice tesuji!). In the end White was leading by about 10 points, so 'Korondo' resigned.

Enjoy the game!


2011-05-30 04:05
As revealed during the WAGC now, Korondo is Kim YoungSam, ex 3rd class Yonguseng. (there is an 8p with the same name, but different person)
Right now he is teaching foreigners and korean yonguseng at BIBA ( ) in Korea and will also play at EGC2011 in Bordeaux. Looking forward to see him battle it out there with the european topplayers on a real board. ;)
( PT ) 2011-05-29 11:05
The picture is just for laughs--- it was not supposed to be following KGS Top 100 Players. You can imagine that by beating no.2 you become no.1, but anyway most people agree that MilanMilan is the true number one (:
2011-05-29 10:05
The picture is incorrect: korondo is in fact #2, but milanmilan is #4...
( PT ) 2011-05-29 10:05
Thanks, Finn, you are too kind. :-)
1d ( DE ) 2011-05-29 10:05
Hey DanielTom,

you make a really good job, giving this side a vital blow! Go on this way! Thank you much!

Kind regards,

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