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2011-05-29 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  1 ratings

"chenns is on fire"!

A couple of months ago, in an article covering chenns' appearance (, I wrote: "chenns is one of the strongest amateurs in the world! He is from Hong Kong, China, so maybe (just maybe) 'kghin' 8-dan, who is also from Hong Kong, sees him as a rival...". A reader commented that there was no way 'kghin' could be his rival, but maybe 'chenns' is not too happy to see him representing Hong Kong in the World Amateur Go Championship (last year it was 'chenns' who played for Hong Kong, and he took 4th place).

Today 'chenns' played four games against top players, including 'supertjc' 8d, 'Korondo' 9d and 'MilanMilan' 9d, and he won them all! Sensational!

As we have seen before, Nai San Chan really likes the Chinese Opening, so it should be no surprise that he tried it against 'MilanMilan'. It was a good opportunity for him to test Black 7 (pincer, R11), which I believe is still being studied by inseis and pros. White's answer (P16) was a bit strange, but it works to give him momentum (rhythm) to defend his group in the right side.

Black then played very solidly (Black 31 was a nice tesuji to give him good shape; Black 47 was also the correct shape). Please pay attention to Black 51-53 - simple moves, but very effective! In the end, Black's left side territory was too big for White to catch-up.

The first fight begun when Black played 55-57, invading the right side. Again, he played a series of tesuji (Black 65, 67...) and got an interesting result up to Black 91.

'MilanMilan' tried to fight back with White 116, but Black's reading was correct: it was not possible for White to kill Black's group at the bottom (because of the aji of P3 - that stone was in a perfect place!).

There was not much White could do in the endgame to turn the tables - Black's lead was unshakable. 'chenns' ended up winning the game by 14,5 points.



2011-06-01 09:06
Chenns is still on fire: he won against northface2 (8p).
2011-05-30 10:05
White 8 looks strange. Q16 attachment usually. In the real game B won the fuseki after getting such a big corner

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