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Servers | KGS | 'MilanMilan' crushes 'inerie' in an amazing game!

2011-05-27 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  2 ratings

'MilanMilan' crushes 'inerie' in an amazing game!

'inerie' started playing on KGS at the end of last year, and in just one month he won 20 games in a row! Accidentally, his great winning-streak was stopped by 'MilanMilan'...

In the article where we covered his appearance (, one of our readers suggested that 'inerie' is Hu Ziyang, "the Chinese 12-year old who won the Canadian Open held recently in Vancouver". Today I asked 'MilanMilan' whether he knew who 'inerie' is, and he said: "Sorry, I don't know, someone told me he is a pro from China". He certainly plays at pro level, but I cannot know if he has passed the pro exam yet...

This is inerie's most recent game. Unfortunately for him, 'MilanMilan' had his "aggressive-mode" turned on, so White did not really have any chances to win the game. You can see Black's aggressive plans right from the first few moves - for example, I have never seen F3 being played in such an early stage (usually it is only played against the Chinese formation). Black 11 was also unusually sharp.

To see how sharp Black was, just count the number of keima (knight's move) that 'MilanMilan' played during the game - he was always attacking White! In the end, he actually killed White's group at the bottom (starting with Black 79) so White was forced to resign after move 85. What an impressive win!


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