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2011-05-15 Expert: DanielTom Rate: (5)  3 ratings


---About 'BIBA'---

'Korondo' has a message for us:

Hello Everyone.

If you want to study Baduk in Korea, come to BIBA. :) I also go there time to time and play with the foreigners. I want to improve my English, please help me. :)

'BIBA' stands for Blackie's International Baduk Academy. 'Blackie' is Kim Seung-jun, 9-dan professional. You can learn more about BIBA at


---About the Game---

Meanwhile, 'Korondo' played another great game against 'kghin'.

There are a couple of moves worth paying attention to: White 46 (N16) was a brilliant ladder-breaker which worked out perfectly. In the fight that followed, up to White 92 (P16), Black's top right group ended up being captured.

Black then tried to make a moyo in the center, but by doing so he weakened his group at the top. Please note White 132 (F18) - it was also a very nice move! There was a big ko fight, and its result was great for White - Black's moyo was ruined and in the end White was leading by about 30 points, so 'kghin' was forced to resign.


( PT ) 2011-05-16 10:05
@cbc: it is true that kghin did not want to sacrifice the cutting stones (he did overplay), but your idea is possible - Black P10 (move 71), White M13 and then Black plays R9. It looks reasonable??В¦ (C18 then becomes an important point.)
3k ( US ) 2011-05-16 08:05
What about P10 for Black 71? Would that have been ok for Black? How do you see the game continuing from that point?

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